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Press article fom  27.02.2001

Controls strengthened at Hahn Airport

Flughafen Hahn, 27 February 2001. Due to the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Great Britain, no foodstuffs of animal origin may be imported into Germany at the present time. Passengers will be advised of this on departure from Great Britain.

In order to guarantee that passengers arriving from Great Britain do not bring in any such products, the customs authorities at Hahn Airport will carry out specific checks. Furthermore, Flughafen Hahn GmbH will be providing official aid to the customs authorities. This includes requesting passengers on arrival to deposit any foodstuffs they may have brought with them in special receptacles provided for the purpose. The foodstuffs will be collected in sealable containers and will be disposed of professionally.

The Airport Company requests passengers travelling to Great Britain not to bring back souvenirs in the form of foodstuffs of animal origin. At the present time there are four flights daily travelling between Great Britain and Hahn Airport.

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