Hahn Airport (HHN)

Important information to all passengers!

Airlines recommend to be at the airport 2 - 3 hours before departure. There might be longer waiting times at boarding pass- and security check as well as the federal border outbound control. If you do not arrive in the departure gate in time, as printed on your flight ticket, you will not be allowed to proceed to boarding. Therefore, please schedule more time for a stressfree start of your flight. Thank you for your understanding!


Sunday, 26. May. 2024, 05:31 Uhr

Parking at Hahn Airport

Reserve a parking space now and save valuable time on your journey.

Entry date Exit date
Entry time Exit time
Flight to Departure awaited Status
Flight: W6 4318 to: Sofia Departure: 15:55 Departure awaited: 16:35 Status: departed
Flight: FR 9734 to: Rom-Fiumicino Departure: 17:10 Departure awaited: 17:10 Status: departed
Flight: FR 5009 to: Nador Departure: 17:55 Departure awaited: 17:55 Status: scheduled
Flight: FR 9832 to: Palma de Mallorca Departure: 19:35 Status:
Flight: FR 1688 to: Mailand-Bergamo Departure: 22:55 Status:
All departure- and arrival times are local times, subject to change.
Flight from Arrival awaited Area Status
Flight: FR 4125 from: Gerona Arrival: 16:40 Arrival awaited: 17:01 Arrivals area: B Status: arrived
Flight: FR 1857 from: Vilnius Arrival: 16:45 Arrival awaited: 16:19 Arrivals area: B Status: arrived
Flight: FR 9833 from: Palma de Mallorca Arrival: 19:10 Arrivals area: B Status:
Flight: FR 9733 from: Rom-Fiumicino Arrival: 22:00 Arrivals area: B Status:
Flight: FR 1689 from: Mailand-Bergamo Arrival: 22:30 Arrivals area: B Status:
All departure- and arrival times are local times, subject to change.


Trade Air opens new route to Pristina

The Croation Trade Air will connect Hahn Airport with Pristina from 16th of June 2024. A Trade Air aircraft will take off from Airport Hahn on behalf of Kosovo-based MyWings every Thursday and Sunday and will fly to the capital of the Republic of Kosovo. The aircraft used is an A319.
The new route enables people from Kosovo to travel to their home country quickly and easily, but is also interesting for tourists. Pristina is considered the cultural center of Kosovo. The city invites its visitors to explore mosques, the old city center, and the national library with its uncommon domes.

Flight tickets can be booked immediately:

More information about "Trade Air opens new route to Pristina"

25 years Ryanair @ Hahn Airport

The first Ryanair flight to London Stansted took off from Hahn Airport in April 1999. Since then, Ryanair has carried over 50 million passengers. We have now celebrated this milestone!
Ryanair offers 33 destinations in the current summer timetable. Budapest will be added on 02.06.2024. A 3rd aircraft will also be stationed.

We look forward to further cooperation and joint projects with Ryanair!

Tips for a stress-free start to your holiday

We would like to ask all passengers to plan more time for check-in and security checks. Therefore, we recommend arriving at the airport 2 - 3 hours before scheduled departure. In order to start your holiday relaxed, please note the following tips:

- Check that your ID-card is valid and that you have all the necessary travel documents to hand.
- Reserve your airport parking space online in advance: Hahn Airport (hahn-airport.de)
- Use the online check-in of your airline.
- If you already have a boarding pass and do not check in baggage, go directly to the board of control.
- To speed up the security check, please take only one piece of hand luggage with you.
- For hand luggage: Liquids and creams (up to 100 ml per container) must be packed in a 1-litre plastic bag. At the security check, please present this bag separately, without being asked, together with your technical equipment.

We wish you a pleasant journey!