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Press article fom  04.09.2003

The First Women’s Calendar 2004 of a German Airport

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 4 September 2003 – As Germany’s first airport, Frankfurt-Hahn airport is today presenting one of its “unsurpassable alternative” creations: the calendar “Women – Frankfurt-Hahn Airport 2004”. Providing the focus of the 365 days that make up the coming year are twelve attractive female colleagues who work at the airport in a variety of fields and are normally involved behind the scenes in the upcoming of the airport. The calendar can now be ordered online from www.hahn-airport.de for only 19.95 euro plus p&p or bought directly from the airport information desk in Terminal 1. More information can be obtained at www.hahn-airport.de.

Sensual, sexy, beautiful – this describes the twelve attractive female colleagues at Frankfurt-Hahn airport, the first and most successful low-cost airport in Germany. Over the past few months they have been making their first appearance before the camera of the Wiesbaden fashion photographer Oliver Rossi. The result can be seen in the calendar “Women – Frankfurt-Hahn Airport 2004“ – an original marketing instrument of the airport, which exists at no other German airport and was produced in collaboration with the advertising agency soho! brands & markets.

The makers have captured ideally the range of the women’s occupations found at Frankfurt-Hahn airport: two aircraft handling agents, a clerk from the technical department, a colleague from traffic control, two accounts clerks, two colleagues from the real estate department, an architect, a secretary working in administration, the head of termi-nal marketing and the deputy marketing manager have all been seductively photographed on the apron, in the departure and arrival halls, and in the cargo area.

“Our women exude charm, wit and sex appeal – and they are also gutsy and committed – standing right behind ‘our’ airport,“ declares Maria Muller, Marketing and Sales Manager of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH and initiator of the project. “It began last year – it was then that we had the sudden idea of producing a men’s calendar,” Muller reveals. The demand for the calendar depicting the twelve muscular men was a great success. Even today there is still a lively demand for the calendar, which is unfortunately sold out due to being a limited edition. Once the men had had their success, however, there automatically followed the call for a women’s calendar for 2004. ”Our colleagues, business customers and passengers can hardly wait to be accompanied through the year by our accomplished women, and we have been happy to meet this demand and have had lots of fun doing so,“ Maria Muller continues.

“Our models could take a break from their daily routine and present themselves with both passion and allure. The red armchair runs as a leitmotif throughout the calendar, alongside the images of the airport. Red is a wonderful colour for strong women. We were very happy with the idea,“ Maria Muller explains. The women’s calendar is also unique in its design: it has a large A2 format and with its clip-on hanger the “companion for the year“ can be easily attached to any wall.

“Around 40 per cent of our employees are women. We are indebted to them for having contributed in such a short time to the success of our airport,“ says a delighted Jörg Schumacher, director of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH. The most significant conversion project in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate has grown within the space of only ten years to become the tenth largest commercial airport and the fourth largest cargo airport in Germany. “The calendar clearly reflects our basic principles: team spirit, professionalism and enjoyment – only by following these can we continue to be successful collectively,“ is the view on the calendar from an equally elated director, Andreas Helfer.

Frankfurt-Hahn airport has established itself as an attractive vehicle for jobs since 1993, when the approval for the civil use of the former US military airbase was given.

All in all, some 2,043 employees are employed here, 273 directly with the airport company. To make the development clear: in 1996, for example, a mere 350 jobs were re-corded, while in 1999 the figure was 1,290. The trend is growing with the constant success rates for passage and freight.

The calendar “Women – Frankfurt-Hahn Airport 2004“ will be pro-duced in a limited edition of 2,000 and is priced at only 19.95 euro. Interested parties can order the calendar online at www.hahn-airport.de or buy it directly from the information desk in Terminal 1. For orders via the Internet, there is only p&p to pay. Upon receipt of payment, the calendar will be dispatched within three days.

Further information can be obtained from the airport website at www.hahn-airport.de.

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