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Press article fom  08.10.2003

Economic boom made in Hahn

Frankfurt-Hahn airport, 8 October 2003. Frankfurt-Hahn airport as by now become synonymous in Germany with economic recovery. Once again the unconventional airport reports impressive figures. The number of jobs has risen by eleven per cent since May 2003 to now stand at 2,262. The traffic statistics from January up to and including September also indicate high growth rates. Hence, with 1,782,385 passengers, the results of the previous year have been outstripped by 71 per cent. Airfreight handling, with 112,505 tonnes, has achieved an increase of twelve per cent. The number of aircraft movements has risen by fourteen per cent to 23,342.

Airport a driving force for jobs: profit for the region
Increasingly Frankfurt-Hahn airport is proving its role as a driving force for employment within the region. A total of 2,262 employees were ascertained to work here according to a company survey of September 2003, i.e. eleven per cent more than in May of this year and 28 per cent more than in June 2002.

Rising traffic figures: high passenger growth – cargo again in the ascendant
The traffic figures too have maintained their positive course. The number of passengers has risen by 71 per cent on the same period last year to 1,782,385. Frankfurt-Hahn is among the top ten of German airports. The largest share of passengers – 1,750,052 – was recorded for the scheduled flight airlines. Here the increase on last year’s figures was as high as 74 per cent.

An upward trend is likewise discernible in the area of freight. 112,505 tonnes of air cargo were handled altogether during the period, twelve per cent more than last year. This includes 90,639 tonnes of airfreight transported by HGV, the so-called road feeder service. Here a growth of six per cent has been recorded. 21,866 tonnes of genuine airfreight was handled. “This corresponds to an increase of 51 per cent on last year,“ Jörg Schumacher, director of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH, explains. “The outlook for freight is very good. The extension of the Aeroflot base along with the new location of Royal Jordanian Airlines will bring about a further increase in cargo movement in this year. We are tremendously pleased with this development, which will bring new jobs in its wake. Moreover, it bears out our strategy of investing more in the cargo operation.“ It was not until the start of September that the airport company submitted the planning application for a runway extension. This is necessary for the company to make long-haul freight traffic commercially viable.

After ten years of operating flights, Frankfurt-Hahn airport is ranked tenth in the league table for the 37 German airports. Frankfurt-Hahn regards itself as the first and only airport in Germany to be a “low-cost airport“ and pursues this principle consistently. In 1999 the budget airline Ryanair commenced operations, as the first low-cost carrier in Germany, with flights to London. In 2002 the Irish airline established a base at Frankfurt-Hahn and now flies daily to 16 destinations. On 30 March 2003 Volareweb.com was the second low-fares airline to operate from Hahn. In the cargo division, the former US military base in the Hunsrück region, with its ideal connection to the Rhine-Main and Rhine-Ruhr regions, is among the four largest airports in Germany and ranks globally in 96th place. 2,262 jobs have been created at the site, 275 of which are with the airport company. Since January 1998 the airport operator Fraport AG has been the majority shareholder in the airport company. Today Fraport AG holds 73.07 per cent of the shares in Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH, while the Land of Rhineland-Palatinate holds 26.93 per cent.

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