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Press article fom  14.01.2003

One million level exceeded for the first time

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 14.01.2003. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is again able to dem-onstrate impressive traffic figures. In the previous year, the number of passengers exceeded the one million level for the first time. The number of passengers from January to December 2002 was 1,457,527 – thus completely fulfilling expectations. With an increase of 226 percent, the result from the previous year - 447,142 passengers in the year 2001 - has been more than tripled. The greatest proportion of passengers – 97 percent - travelled on scheduled flights. Package holiday traffic increased by one percent compared with the previous year.

While other airports are having to accept losses, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is con-tinuing to expand its competitive position as a low-cost airport amongst the European airports. "In the last year, we have run rings around Erfurt, Saarbrücken, Dortmund and Paderborn/Lippstadt airports. After less than 10 years of flight operations, we are now the number one regional airport and are in 14th place in the list of international airports," comments Managing Director Andreas Helfer on the current traffic figures. The best month for traffic was December with 162,639, the busiest day was 20th December with 7,016 passengers.

This course of expansion is assisted primarily by the commissioning of the new hub for the low cost Irish carrier, Ryanair, in February 2002 and the extension in December. In the meantime, Ryanair has daily flights to fourteen destinations. Ryanair has already announced its intention to lay on further aircraft in the coming years. What is more, charter flights take off to the most popular holiday destinations.

In the cargo sector, a slight increase can now be seen after the declining result of the previous year. With 138,131 tonnes, 3 percent more freight was transhipped than in 2001 (133,743 tonnes). 115,723 tonnes are attributed to the road feeder service. Here, an increase of 7 percent has been achieved. Furthermore, 1,328 tonnes of air mail were carried; in 2001 this was 1,344 tonnes. Along with scheduled flights by the cargo companies Aeroflot, Iran Air and Enimex, numerous charter flights have also been implemented.

The Antonov 124 aircraft, which is particularly suitable for the shipment of heavy goods, has played a special role in this connection. 51 flights were undertaken at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in the year 2002 with an Antonov 124 and one flight with an Antonov 225. Hahn is thus leading the way in Germany. The number of flight movements rose by 22 percent from 22,912 in the previous year to 25,564.

More and more, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is becoming an employment generator in the re-gion. A total of 1819 employees were counted in a company survey of 109 organisations at the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport site carried out in September 2002. An increase to 2500 posi-tions is expected by the end of 2004.

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