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Press article fom  05.04.2004

Frankfurt-Hahn airport again in the upwind

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 5th April 2004. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport picks up the success trail of past years in 2004. Between January and March, 578,228 passengers were registered, an increase of 25 percent on last year's first quarter. Developments in the Cargo sector were especially encouraging: with 43,752 tons (including freight shipped by road transport), 28% more was transhipped than in the same period in 2003. The balance is even better when based purely on air freight: the rate of increase here is 127% (14,725 tons in 2004 compared to 6,488 in 2003). The numbers of commercial flights increased by 20%, with 6,036 take-offs and landings (5,036 in 2003).

“This outstanding performance in what is traditionally a quiet first quarter underscores our assessment that we'd be taking yet another step forward this year", said Jörg Schumacher, Managing Director of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport GmbH, at Monday's press conference accompanying the opening of Air Polonia's new route to Warsaw. Hahn achieved tenth place in the German commercial airports list for passenger-carrying last year and as far as freight goes, Hahn has held the number 4 slot for several years Mr. Schumacher continued, "We estimate that this year we'll have 3.6 million passengers and 180,000 tons of freight".

In summer, passengers can fly to 26 destinations in 12 countries from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. The largest scheduled airline is still the Irish airline Ryanair, which has 19 destinations. Other bargain-price airlines are Air Polonia, Amadeus Flugdienst and Volareweb.com. Travel agents active in Hahn are Berge & Meer, TUI and Pilgerreisen e.V. The Russian airline Aeroflot has established its European Cargo Centre in Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Freight is also flown from Hahn by Egypt Air, Iran Air and Royal Jordanian Air. Since 1997, Air France Cargo has had a transhipments centre for its entire German and East European air freight back-up operations at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

The expansion of the airport infrastructure is being spurred on at the same tempo as the development of passenger and freight flights. Mr. Schumacher remarked, "Right on time, at the beginning of the Easter holi-days, we put a new parking area with 1200 parking spaces into operation." More vehicle parks are planned for this year. Apart from that, we'll be closing the gap between the two passenger terminals. By the time autumn comes around, we'll have one terminal building again, with more space for shops and gastronomy. Thus we'll keep the advantages that short dis-tances in a terminal bring," said Mr. Schumacher. "On the apron, things are getting rather tight as far as freight goes. We'll be constructing new parking bays for aircraft there. In addition, the access road to the airport will be broadened and optimised. However, the airport can only remain profitable in the long term if the runway is lengthened, enabling inter-continental flights to take-off and land. This is especially so in the case of cargo. The project approval procedure for this is already underway.”

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