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Press article fom  05.04.2004

Air Polonia links Warsaw with Hahn

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 5th April 2004 – Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has always had a “nose” for trends - and this has been borne out yet again in the case of Air Polonia, Poland's first Low-cost-airline. Air Polonia started operations on the 5th of April, before Poland's entry into the EU in May 2004. This young airline took off for Warsaw for the first time from the first German cut-price airport, Frankfurt-Hahn. A return flight costs from 47 Euros per person, including taxes and applicable fees. Bookings can be made at www.airpolonia.com or on Air Polonia's Warsaw hotline at +48 22 575 00 00 (German or English language), or through associated travel agencies.

“As the first Polish Low-cost-airline, we're especially happy to take off for the first time in Germany from the very first German Low-cost-airport", said Jan Litwinski, Managing Director of Air Polonia at today's press conference in Hahn. The mission of the airline was to make possible air travel for everyone, he said, "irrespective of an individual's level of prosperity". Quality, punctuality, security and top service were all targeted priorities of the airline - plus, of course, low ticket prices. "We give our customers savings - on flight prices", said Mr. Litwinski.

The ticket prices were in line with the Low-cost-concept, he said. Depending on the date of travel, a return ticket for one, including all taxes and fees, can be bought for roughly 47 Euros - to one of the 'greenest' major cities in Europe.* "The many tourists who travel by bus or car to Poland will be especially pleased with our offer," said Mr. Litwinski. "To fly cheaply, safely and fast, compared to long and expensive journeys by car or bus- that will become the new trend in Poland."

"The planned EU Eastern enlargement is starting earlier in Rhineland-Palatinate", said Dr. Jochen Langen, Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Economics for Rhineland-Palatinate. Continuing in the same vein, he said that still more promising airline offerors and destinations at Hahn would have a considerable effect on the job market, politically and tourism-wise, for our State as well as for the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. The location of the Polish Airline in Hahn was for the State yet another chapter in the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport success story. It underlined anew that Hahn does indeed lie at the centre of the European markets.

With this first new route in Germany from Frankfurt-Hahn to Warsaw, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is also hoping for even more approval from its passengers. According to the most recent travel analysis of the Hamburg BAT Recreation Research Institute, Poland is the trendy destination for the younger generation of travellers in Germany. In this segment, the country lies fourth behind Spain, Italy and Turkey. "That's ideal. As an upbeat, price-conscious, low-cost airport and one that's especially popular with young people, we go all the way with Air Polonia on this trend", enthused Jörg Schumacher, Managing Director of the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport GmbH. He said that with the approaching EU Eastern enlargement in May of 2004, Warsaw was now a strategically important destination for Frankfurt-Hahn Airport and "further flights to Eastern Europe will follow", he added.

Air Polonia started its summer timetable on the 5th of April 2004 with a flight to Warsaw. The airline uses one of the best-known medium-haul aircraft, a Boeing 737-400. Flights leave Hahn on Mondays and Fridays, at 21.20 hrs, arriving in Warsaw 1 hour and 40 minutes later. Return flights leave Warsaw at 19.00 hrs and arrive in Hahn at 20.40. The Warszawa - Okecie airport lies about 5 miles from the city centre and is easy to get to, either by taxi or by airport bus.

*Flight times and prices according to the Airline

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