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Press article fom  07.11.2014

Cargo-Airline shifts to modern aircrafts

The japanese cargo airline „Nippon Cargo Airlines” (NCA) is approaching Frankfurt-Hahn airport starting this week on with more modern and bigger aircrafts. Presently the first Boeing 747-8F arrived at the airport.

This plane is so big that it earned the name „superjumbo“: The Boeing 747-8F will in the future fly to Frankfurt-Hahn airport more often. Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA), an important business partner of the airport, has announced to fly to Hahn with these more modern and bigger freight planes.

The adjustment to accommodate modern aircraft is possible due to the fact that Frankfurt-Hahn airport has invested in an expansion of its airstrip. Last year the airport established a new runway end safety area (RESA). This safety-zone is necessary to allow big fright planes – just as Boing 747-8F – to land at Frankfurt-Hahn airport. Airlines like Silk Way und Atlas Air are taking this option already.

„The announcement of NCA shows that RESA was the right investment“, says Markus Bunk, business manager at Frankfurt-Hahn airport, which is Germany’s fifth largest freight airport. “We need RESA to reach our growth targets“, says Bunk.

The Boeing 747-8F is one of the biggest fright planes, also called „Code F airplane“. „Compared to its predecessor, the Boeing 747-400, the capacity of the cargo wing is the latest design with excellent aerodynamic characteristics”, says Masami Takahashi, Vice President at NCA. As she points out, the benefits of the new aircrafts are, amongst others, high fuel efficiency and noise reduction.

About Nippon Cargo Airlines: Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) has its head office in Narita, just outside of Tokyo. Since 2012 the company has been in business with Frankfurt-Hahn airport. The fly to the airport four times per week. NCA’s fleet consists of ten Boeing 747-400 and two Boeing 747-8F. NCA plans to shift to bigger jumbo-jets: twelve new Boeing 747-8F are already ordered.

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