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Press article fom  04.04.2012

After the Leipzig verdict: Hahn as an alternative

The Leipzig Higher Administrative Court has confirmed the night flight ban for Frankfurt. Now Frankfurt-Hahn is thrust into the limelight: The airport, which is about 115 kilometres from Frankfurt/Main, has an unlimited operating licence and offers spare capacity for both passenger and also freight flights – by day and night. New means of co-operation are possible.

"The decision in Leipzig turned out as expected," noted Jörg Schumacher, the spokesman for the Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH management, about the verdict of the Leipzig Higher Administrative Court. "Many airlines in Frankfurt will now have to find new solutions and develop alternative models. Therefore, we are increasing our range of services to take the pressure off Frankfurt and take over some of the traffic. Together it should be possible for all involved to find acceptable long-term solutions."

Even now airlines, such as Aeroflot and Etihad Crystal Cargo, are combining the infrastructures of the neighbouring sites: Thus Aeroflot freight has had its hub at Hahn for ten years but passenger flights are handled via Frankfurt/ Main. Etihad has been using the short routes at Hahn for freight since 2007 and carries passengers via Frankfurt/Main. "These examples show that both airports complement each other on a practical level and co-operation is possible," stressed the Hahn Managing Director.

In almost twenty years Frankfurt-Hahn airport has developed into a significant air transport facility. Hahn is the tenth largest passenger airport and the fifth largest cargo airport in Germany. In total about €200,000,000 has been invested in the airport's infrastructure by the airport company, airlines and private investors. The four-lane link to the German motorway network was completed last year. This has considerably reduced the journey time to Frankfurt.

There is still free capacity. However, completed plans for an extension have already been drawn up: With an extension like this there will be the opportunity to quadruple total business at Hahn in the medium term. Here Hahn can rely on a wide range of support: Both the general public and the Rheinland-Pfalz regional government as well as the opposition in the regional parliament are behind the long-term expansion plans for Frankfurt-Hahn.

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