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Press article fom  13.12.2010

Biggest cargo month of all time

13th December 2010. With 20,053 tons of airfreight (flown cargo excluding transit) handled in November of this year, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has broken its own record. This figure amounts to an increase of about 24% on Hahn's previous record month of November 2009. From January to November 2010, 149,808 tons were either loaded or unloaded at Hahn – more than ever before. In this segment the German airport is thus 57% up on the comparable period of the previous year.

Including transit and the road feeder service, the full cargo volume for this month ran to 51,553 metric tons, with 421,517 for the entire year. These are also record figures – and the results have exceeded all expectations. "These statistics go to show just how important the cargo business is for us. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has two major lines of business: the passenger sector and freight. At the moment cargo makes up about 40% of our trade – with this number likely to rise," comments Jörg Schumacher, management director (spokesperson) of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. One major contributor to these excellent results is Air Cargo Germany or ACG, based at the Hunsrück airport, who began operation in the summer of 2009 and by September 2010 had started flying their fourth jumbo cargo plane from Hahn. This increase is also attributable to new routes being serviced by freight charter customers, such as Silk Way Airlines and Centurion Cargo, who since the beginning of November have been operating regular charter flights via Hahn. Passenger development in November 2010 also shows little change compared to the previous year. With over 227,281 passengers, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport processed almost as many travellers as in November 2009 (228,633). For the year 2010, the airport operators are reckoning with a decrease of about 8% as opposed to last year. The reasons for this are changes in flight routes, with more medium-range flights in place of short city hops and thus fewer flights in total, and temporary closure due to the cloud of volcanic ash and renewal of the runway in September.

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