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Press article fom  25.02.2008

Changed Access to the Airport Terminal

Hahn-Airport, 25 February 2008. A change to the access road in front of the ter-minal will take place in order to relieve the heavy frequented road. The road cir-cling in front of the terminal will be transformed into a parking lot with gate ac-cess mid-week. During the transformation stage traffic advisors will be on loca-tion in order to give out information about the changed access and on other possibilities.

"The traffic in the terminal area has often been limited recently through cars double and triple parking, so much so, that there has been no getting through for further vehicles, especially busses. What we would like to achieve with the implementation of the changed traffic routing is that those visitors who would just like to stop and bring or pick up passengers use an official parking space rather then impair traffic“, says Stefano Wulf, CEO of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH. "People bringing or picking up passen-gers or those who just want to drop off their fellow travelers with the luggage at the terminal can still do so free of charge by shortly parking in one of the parking garages for free.“

Accordingly, the first 15 minutes in parking garage P1 and in the parking space directly in front of the terminal as well as the first 30 minutes on park deck P5 are free of charge. If you need to stay for a longer time span the charges in P1 or next to the terminal are 1,80 Euro and in P5 1,50 Euro per hour. P1 is situated at the passenger terminal, P5 only a short distance away. Vehicle operators who do not want take advantage of this offer or those who find themselves there by mistake are able to turn around directly before the access gate. We would like to recommend the parking areas P2, P4 and P7 for long term parking. Further information as well as an access map can be found on the Airport Hahn website www.hahn-airport.de.

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