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Press article fom  02.11.2007

More and more positions at the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn

The Airport Frankfurt-Hahn has become one of the most flourishing economic locations and one of the largest employers in the Hunsrück region. The fast growth of the successful airport has led to numerous settlements of different companies around the airport and in the otherwise somewhat economically underdeveloped region. This is the result that the A & O Arbeitsmarkt- und Organisationsberatung Gettmann (Institute for labor market and organizational consulting) which has been taking regular surveys since 1998 has come to after their most current analysis.

Increased number of full time as well as apprenticeship positions A total of 3,225 employees at 116 companies were counted on location during a com-pany survey in October 2007. That is an increase of 334 positions in comparison to the past year and more then twice as many as there were in 2001. The operating company itself has 359 employees. Although the number companies decreased from 118 to 116 since June of this year, the number of jobs has increased by 67 within five months. The number of apprenticeship positions has risen by 15 % which means an increase of 9 apprentices, from 60 to 69 at the entire location. Another positive factor is that from the total of 3,225 employees, 2,339, this means 73 %, are employed full-time. Compared to last year's figures from the same time period, this constitutes an additional 249 full-time employees. 369 are considered part-time employees and only 421 are minimally em-ployed. The result of the survey also shows that the airport is an attractive employer above and beyond the fences of the Rhein-Hunsrück-Region: 10.22 percent of the em-ployees are from the distanced counties of the Westerwald, Mayen-Koblenz or Trier. "The Hunsrück Region is booming and that shows us that further growth is still possi-ble. The Airport Frankfurt-Hahn is a significant motor far beyond the airport region itself in terms of economic development" the federal minister for Rhineland Palatinate Hendrik Hering says happily after hearing the new figures. A current study performed by the Zentrum für Recht und Wirtschaft des Luftverkehrs - ZFL (center for legislation and economy of air traffic) predicts a doubling of the job po-sitions by 2012 alone on the premises of the airport itself. "If the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn continues to be this successful I am confident that this figure is the minimum of that which will be reached" says Hering. Then more then 6,000 employees would be working at Hahn. Qualified employees at the Hahn location Qualified employees in all areas are needed in order for the complex and inter-modal platform "airport" to function flawlessly. "We are talking about jobs with future perspec-tives, possibilities of development and evolvement" says Jörg Schumacher, speaker of the board of directors at the Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH. "The spectrum of jobs and the corresponding requirements for the employees are multi-faceted. The pallet reaches from work in freight and luggage processing to security personnel, flight atten-dants, check-in personnel all the way to positions for services and the IT sector." Apart from the air traffic itself there are companies that settled at Hahn which offer interesting and qualified apprenticeship positions as freight forwarding agent (logistics manager) or office administrator. The companies situated there have the possibility to use the broad and qualified work force potential through the Jobcenter Hahn. The Jobcenter Hahn offers concrete me-diation for the placement of ideally suited personnel and consulting during your search for work forces and the workplace layout. 3.173 marks / 63 lines

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