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Press article fom  27.09.2007

The runway extension is fully operational starting today

The extension of the runway at Hahn-Airport was made completely operational today. The prior 3,045 meter long runway had been extended to 3,800 meters in recent years. A part of the newly constructed section had already been approved for use in March 2006 – now the runway, in it’s entire length, can be used for take-offs and landings.

“Previously our on-site conditions were good, now they are excellent”, says Joerg Schumacher, Managing Director (Speaker) of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. “With the extension of the runway to 3,800 meters, long-distance traffic at Hahn is now possible. The longer runway will make it possible for all cargo airlines to use their aircraft more efficiently. Beyond that free slots, the favorable geographic location in the center of Europe and the approval for 24 hours operation are part of our important competitive edge. Hahn is still offering room to develop business.” Mr. Schumacher is calculating 5,000 new jobs mid to long term, which will be created because of the runway extension.

This undertaking was one of the most important expansion projects in the history of this young airport. The investment amounts to 37.5 million Euro. Exactly five years have passed since the application was filed in August of 2002. The approval for the construction was given in December of 2004. The actual building activities were already completed in December of 2005. Legal proceedings against the approved planned completion were settled out of court by agreement with the nature protection associations. Through the implementation of a forest-modification concept, flight clearance without extensive uprooting could be established.

Since 1998 altogether around 170 million Euro have been invested in the expansion of the infrastructure at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Most notably, parking positions for aircraft have been created “Airside”. New access roads, terminal areas and a new cargo clearance area have been built landside. Various cargo handling enterprises have also invested extensively here into the expansion. Frankfurt-Hahn is the fourth largest cargo-airport in Germany. It ranks 15th European-wide.

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