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Press article fom  03.11.2006

Mobile Airport Staff in Action

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, November 3, 2006. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is also getting ready for the new EU regulation regarding carry-on luggage, which is to go into effect on Monday, November 6. On all flights taking off from airports in the EU, liquids in carry-on luggage will be limited to a maximum of 100 millilitres per container in a resealable, see-through plastic bag holding a maximum of one litre. Passengers arriving by bus will be informed even before they get to the airport by announcements and posters publicizing the new regulations. At the airport itself, posters will be in place at all visible locations, on the entrance doors and in the terminal. In addition, a mobile airport team of around ten persons working four shifts will be deployed in front of the check-in counters. The airport operating company advises passengers to plan for more time at the airport and arrive there at least two hours before takeoff.

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is expecting longer waits at the check-in counters as a result of the new regulation. "We are forming a mobile airport team for the ex-press purpose of taking some of the burden off our colleagues in the terminal," says Jörn Muthmann, Deputy Traffic Manager of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. "We will be offering our passengers a variety of possibilities: they can either repack the liquids in the luggage they are going to check in, they can also check-in their hand luggage, or they can simply dispose the liquids without further ado." For containers with a maximum of 100 millilitres, the mobile airport staff will have plastic bags available for a nominal charge of 50 cents. The bags will also be available in the Service Centre and at most of the shops in the terminal. "No exceptions can be made, this also applies to vessels which are only partially full, as well as mineral water and take-out coffee." Beverages can be purchased behind the security checks and then taken on board the plane. Exceptions will only be made for medicines and special foods for babies or diabetics; if it can be proved that they will be needed during flight. Duty-free articles are allowed as carry-on luggage further on. The purchases, along with their receipts, will be sealed into a see-through plastic bag at the cash register.

These liquids include all gels, pastes, lotions, mixtures of liquids and solids, as well as the contents of pressurized vessels, thus covering toothpaste, hair gel, beverages, soup, syrup, perfume, shaving foam, aerosols and other articles of a similar consistency. They must be packed into a resealable, see-through bag holding a maximum of one litre. Each passenger is allowed only one bag, although there will be no limit on the number of vessels in it. Common freezer bags with a zipper, Velcro or crimp top are suitable.

The new security regulations for carry-on luggage on flights are the response of the European Commission to the thwarted terrorist attacks in London last August.

Further information is available at www.hahn-airport.de.

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