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Press article fom  12.10.2006

19 percent more passengers – 18 percent more freight

Passenger numbers and freight handled by Frankfurt-Hahn airport continue their upward trend. During the first nine months this year alone, an increase of 19 percent in passenger numbers (2,775,108) was noted compared with the same time period last year (2,325,925 passengers). These passenger numbers are also well in excess of the total number of passengers recorded for 2004 (2,760,379). Airfreight turnover this year reached 89,482 tons – an 18-percent increase on the previous year (75,790 tons). Including road feeder service, the total freight transported amounts to 195,248 tons – which represents a 20-percent increase on the previous year (163,325 tons); while the number of commercial flights rose by 14 percent, from 24,483 to 27,985.


The number of passengers dealt with at Frankfurt-Hahn airport rose again steeply, in particular during the third quarter of 2006. During the period from July to September 2006, the Rhineland-Palatine airport was used by 1,085,962 passengers – ten percent more than during the second quarter of 2005 (986,982) and 55 percent more than during this year’s first quarter (702,164 passengers). Compared to the same quarter of the previous year (892,440 passengers), the total number of passengers has increased by 22 percent. So far, August has been the busiest month, recording 380,365 passengers.

By far the largest percentage of passengers, i.e. 89 percent (2,624,718 passengers in 2006), booked flights with budget airlines. This area recorded an increase of 16 percent (2,256,603 passengers) compared to the previous year.


Freight handling is another area that continues to record significant growth. A total of 67,340 tons of freight were turned over at Frankfurt-Hahn airport during the third quarter of 2006, 31,977 of which were actually transported by air. As a comparison, only 61,647 tons (30,027 tons of which were transported by air) were recorded for the same period in 2005. This equals an increase of 9.5 percent (6.5 percent). The busiest month recorded this year so far was March, with 27,105 tons (10,058 tons of freight transported by air), followed by August, with 23,344 tons (10,417 tons of which were transported by air).


Jörg Schumacher, spokesman of the airport operator’s management, is highly satisfied with these results, but is already thinking about the future. "We are expecting even better results during the fourth quarter of 2006. During that time, Ryanair alone will be offering 15 new flights a day using 2 additional planes to be based at our airport, as well as increasing its winter routes by 15 new destinations. However, the oldest of all German budget flight routes – the route between Hahn and London operated daily by Ryanair – continues to be an all-round favourite. During the winter, this route is to be offered for an additional six times a day both ways. In addition, Iceland Express is going to offer two regular weekly flights to Reykjavik this winter for the first time. All of this is in addition to increases in our freight handling expected during the pre-Christmas season."

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