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Press article fom  10.07.2006

Still Climbing

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, July 10, 2006. The figures for Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, the first low-cost airport in Germany, are further on the increase, as indicated by those for the first half of this year. From January to June, inclusive, this feisty airport in Germany's Hunsrück region counted nearly 1.7 million passengers, an increase of eighteen percent compared to the previous year. The strongest month was June with more than 350,000 travellers. A new airline has also announced its arrival for the summer season: Belavia, the national airline of Belarus, will be flying to Minsk every Monday. Up to September, tour operator Frosch Touristik (www.fti.de) will also offer package tours every Monday to Antalya. Germany's fourth largest cargo airport was also able to score points in terms of freight by turning over more than 133,000 tons including road feeder traffic, an increase of 28 percent. By the end of this year, the airport managers are expecting around 3.5 million passengers, 115,000 tons of airfreight and 245,000 tons including road feeder traffic. More information is available at www.hahn-airport.de.

More than 650,000 guests expected in the summer months of July and August
The summer holidays for schools in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, and the Saarland (July 17 to August 25) is rapidly approaching, and thus the time of the long-awaited family vacation. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport estimates that more than 650,000 passengers are going to make use of it in the summer months of July and August. A total 32 destinations in 16 European countries on offer from four low-cost airlines are currently at the disposal of passengers from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Ryanair, Europe's pioneer in the business and the market leader when it comes to inexpensive air travel, offers around 95 percent of the low-cost flights. The Irish airline flies to 27 destinations in 13 countries from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, currently its third-largest hub in Europe. Starting in October 2006, the number of Ryanair destinations will rise to 36. Wizz Air (www.wizzair.com) is still flying to Budapest (Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun), Katowice (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun) and Warsaw (Tue, Fri). Even when summer is over, Iceland Express (www.icelandex-press.com) will continue to offer flights to Reykjavik in the winter, as well (Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat in the summer, and Mon, Fr in the winter). Blue Air, Rumania's first low-cost airline, has been heading for its home port of Bucharest three times per week (Wed, Fri, Sun) ever since March 31, 2006.

New flights to Minsk
"Belavia", the national airline of Belarus, is going to start flying from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Minsk Nation Airport just in time for summer vacations. Up to the end of August 2006, this Belarusian airline, which began flight operations on March 5, 1996, will be flying from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport each Monday at 12:30 p.m. and landing in the capital city of Minsk approximately eighty minutes later. The first flight on July 17 is already booked up, the airline says. Tickets can be ordered from the airline's website, www.belavia.by, by telephone at the Frankfurt number +49 (69) 920-7940, or by e-mail at germany@belavia.by. The German sales office is located in Frankfurt, auf der Zeil 113.

Every Monday to Antalya
Since the beginning of July, the tour operator FTI Frosch Touristik GmbH, headquartered in Munich, has also been offering package tours from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Up to September 11, Pegasus Airlines will be flying each Monday to Antalya on the Turkish Riviera. A variety of package and family trips or flight-only offers can be booked at www.fti.de.

Freight growth continues
The freight figures for the cargo airport, which is persistently the fourth largest in Germany, also continue to increase. From January to June 2006, scheduled and charter airlines turned over 133,072 tons, 28 percent more than in the last half-year (104,036 tons). Airfreight alone amounted to 52,251 tons, an increase of twenty percent compared to the previous year (43,405 tons). At present, six cargo airlines (Aeroflot Cargo, Air France Cargo with road feeder traffic by truck, Air Armenia, Egypt Air, MNG Airlines and Qantas Freight) are running regular freight services at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Aeroflot Cargo claimed the largest portion of the cargo flights in the first half year of 2006. This Russian airline shipped nearly 28,000 tons on its average of thirteen flights per week. In terms of the total figures for cargo flown at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, the portion flown by Aeroflot Cargo's four DC-10s totalled roughly 53 percent.

AN124 flights still strong
Remarkable once again in the total freight figures for Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is the immense increase in the share of AN124 flights, primarily flown by charter cargo airlines (Volga-Dnepr, Antonov Airlines and Polet Airlines) for various logistics companies, such as Chapman Freeborn, Charter Service Niklas or SAT. Germany's fourth-largest cargo airport chalked up a total of 57 AN124 turnarounds in the past half-year, nearly three times as many as in the previous half-year (20 AN124 flights).

More information is available at www.hahn-airport.de.

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