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Press article fom  16.06.2006

High Growth Rates in Jobs

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, June 16, 2006. The number of jobs at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is rising rapidly. This was announced by Management Spokesman Jörg Schumacher during a recent visit by Minister President Kurt Beck. The latest count puts the number of employees at 2604, working for 108 companies at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. This is 173 more than in February of this year (2431) – amounting to an increase of seven percent in the space of a mere three months. Jörg Schumacher asserts this to be result of recent developments at the airport. "In February, Ryanair stationed its seventh machine at Hahn. These are the first effects."

In May 2005, the airport employed a staff of 2299 people. Thus, the number of jobs rose by thirteen percent within one year. The number of companies has increased by five since February (103 in February 2006). The count has been taken regularly since 1998 by Institut A&O Arbeitsmarkt- und Organisationsberatung Gettmann in Trier.

Most of the jobs, 1917 (74 percent), are full-time, 307 (12 percent) are part-time and 328 (13 percent) are marginally employed. The number of trainees amounts to 52. Around 40 percent are women. The airport company itself employs 330.

The greater part of the employees comes from the immediate vicinity of the airport: sixty percent from the Rhine-Hunsrück District, twelve percent from the Birkenfeld District, ten percent from the Bernkastel-Wittlich District and six percent from the District of Cochem-Zell. As Jörg Schumacher explains, "While elsewhere jobs are being slashed, there are more and more at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Thus, the positive development of the airport is also reflected in the number of jobs. We are delighted at this effect."

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