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Press article fom  12.04.2006

Nine New Routes for

New destinations in Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Spain, as well as Morocco – beginning in October 2006 for the first time –introductory prices starting at € 2.99 one-way plus fees and taxes

Frankfurt-Hahn, 12th April 2006: Ryanair, Europe's pioneer and market leader when it comes to low-priced air travel, still has lots of plans for the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in Germany's Hunsrück region. Starting in October 2006, nine new routes will be offered there, raising the total number of destinations to 36. Granada and Murcia in Spain, Trieste and Verona in Italy, Krakow and Wroclaw in Poland, as well as Kaunas in Lithuania will create even better connections to Europe, while flights to North African destinations Fes and Marrakech in Morocco will take off for the first time. In addition, flights to London will increase from four to six pairs daily, and to Oslo-Torp twice instead of once a day beginning with the winter schedule.

These new connections are intended to increase substantially the number of passengers at Germany's hub airport, Frankfurt-Hahn, by a million per year – expecting a total of 4.3 million passengers in calendar year 2007. To handle this throng, new aircraft will be needed. Beginning in October 2006, therefore, two additional Boeing 737-800s will be stationed at Frankfurt-Hahn, which will bring the fleet at this Hunsrück airport up to nine.

The new routes can be booked for € 2.99 one-way plus fees and taxes and will start flying when the winter schedule takes effect. Flights will leave for Fes, Granada and Trieste three times per week at first, Kaunas and Marrakech four times per week and Wroclaw, Krakow, Murcia and Verona daily.

Caroline Baldwin, Deputy Sales Manager for Europe at Ryanair, comments: "Since we first took off from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in April of 1999, Ryanair has been writing a success story there – despite all the prophecies of doom at the time. For instance, from 90,000 passengers in the first year, the new expansion plans will enable us to increase to 4.3 million in calendar year 2007. And the consequence of this growth will mean up to 1000 new jobs – and a million passengers more per year for Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Now that's a real Easter present à la Ryanair, isn't it!?"

Ryanair, Europe's leading low-price airline, is at this time flying 334 routes in 23 countries and landing at 118 different airports. This low-cost carrier currently has more than fifteen European hubs and maintains a fleet of 105 Boeing 737-800s. Added to these are another 134 standing orders, which will be filled in the following six years. At present, Ryanair has 2,700 salaried employees and will carry 42 million passengers in the current 2006-2007 business year (as per 12th April 2006).

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