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Press article fom  24.03.2006

Operation of lengthened runway now granted

Hahn-Airport, 24.03.2006 - Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is allowed, with immedi-ate effect, to operate a part of the extended runway of 3,500 meters in the secondary direction and 3,300 meters in the main direction. The civil avia-tion authorities in charge – Landesbetrieb Straßen und Verkehr Rhein-land-Pfalz – now granted the application on operation of Frankfurt-Hahn, after today´s quality inspection.

"This is an important step for Frankfurt-Hahn airport. After the extended runway already was finished since several months, it now can be partially operated at least. Generally speaking, we in Germany have to be faster in realising infrastructural traffic projects. It takes too long from asserted demand to the realisation of a project. The track of the provincial government at its most important conversion project of Rhineland-Palatinate was and still is accurate, especially regarding the growth and secureness of jobs“, said Hans-Artur Bauckhage, Deputy Prime Minister for Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture of the state Rhineland-Palatine.

„Our expansion plans have received a further important impulse“, said Jörg Schumacher, Speaker of the Management of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport GmbH. „We have informed all our clients and employees about this joyful news immediately and we will inform all pilots about it personally until properly the operation allowance is published in the News for aviation and in the AIP, the aviation handbook for the aviation industry.” The partial use of 3.500 Meters in secon-dary direction (northeast) and 3,300 meters in the main direction (southwest) is in the interest of more economic and efficient cargo traffic for the clients of the fourth largest cargo airport in Germany. „We can now more optimally secure the demand for intercontinental passenger and freight traffic and also we can show our existing and potential customers that we steadily move to expansion“.

The Higher Administrative Court of Rhineland-Palatinate in Coblenz allowed already on January 23, 2006, an amendment from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport – independent of the pending main proceedings – to use a part of the extended runway, insofar as this requires no further clearing of land.
<7br> The development of the airport's business requires a further decision on the application for use of the 3,800 meter runway extension. This decision is further depending on the lawsuit brought by BUND environmental organization on the subject of the barbastelle bat and has to be still be clarified in the main proceedings before the Higher Administrative Court of Coblenz.
<7br> The planning for the extension of the runway from 3.045 metres to a total length of 3.800 metres was initiated with a regional impact assessment procedure in summer 2002. Since August 2003 the essential planning approval procedure was in force. The exion of the runway was officially approved by the civil aviation authorities in charge - the “Landesbetrieb Straßen und Verkehr Rheinland-Pfalz” on 28th December 2004. In December 2005 the total runway length of 3.800 metres was already completed.

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