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Press article fom  14.10.2005

More passengers, more freight, more jobs

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 14th October 2005. Both the traffic statistics and the employment statistics at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport have continued their upward course. The number of passengers in the first nine months of the year increased by 11 percent compared with the same period of the previous year (2,086,205 passengers) to 2,322,687. With 71,249 tonnes, air-freight transshipment achieved an increase of 58 percent (45,155 tonnes last year). Including the road feeder service, the airport handled 163,325 tonnes, 16 percent more than in the previous year (140,973 tonnes). The number of flight movements rose by 16 percent from 24,138 to 28,023. The number of employees on the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport site rose by 10 per-cent to 2,407 in the last year. This has set new records in all areas.

Passenger traffic
The largest proportion of passengers that have flown this year, 2,257,062 pas-sengers, was recorded by the scheduled airlines. Here, the increase was 10 percent compared with the previous year. The two holiday months of July (295,937 passengers) and August (311,304) were particularly successful. In total, the airlines carried 891,659 passengers in the third quarter.

A strong upward trend can again be seen in cargo. Here, the strongest month was July with 10,058 tonnes of cargo transported by air, followed by September with 9328 tonnes. In total, 27,844 tonnes were transshipped in the third quarter. In the third quarter of 2004, there were only 16,905 tonnes. This corresponds to an increase of 65 percent.

In September 2005, it was established in a company questionnaire that there was a total of 2,407 employees in 104 companies at the location; this is around 10 percent more than in September of last year. 1,750 of these, corresponding to 73 percent, are full-time employees. Thirteen percent are part-time, and thir-teen percent are casually employed. The number of trainees is 50. The overall proportion of women is around 38 percent. 86 percent of employees come from the immediate vicinity of the airport, from the administrative districts of Rhine-Hunsrück, Birkenfeld, Bernkastel-Wittlich and Cochem-Zell.

The airport company itself has 311 employees. Of these, 89 percent are em-ployed full-time. The company is currently training 8 apprentices.

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