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Press article fom  31.03.2005

All-time record plus of 146 percent in 2004

Frankfurt-Hahn, 1 April 2005. Aeroflot, Russia’s largest commercial airline, is celebrating its five year anniversary at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, its European freight hub, with record figures. For 2004, the Russian airline can boast its best ever rate of increase: with a total of 42,142 tons of handled freight, the airfreight carrier exceeded its previous year’s result by 146 percent (2003: 17,103 tons); with almost 18,000 tons, exports increased 151 percent and imports, with over 24,000 tons, increased 143 percent. The proportion of Aeroflot cargo flights in 2004 as compared with the total amount of freight flown through the Frankfurt-Hahn airport (66,145 tons in 2004) amounted to an impressive 64 percent. The airline has turned around 77,000 tons of freight since its start at Germany’s fourth largest airport in April 2000. With the beginning of the summer schedule (end of March) the frequencies of the flights from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport were increased from 11 to 13 per week: The Aeroflot summer timetable indicates now 11 flights a week to Moscow with connection flights to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Peking (before nine flights) and as before two weekly flights to Oslo/Norway. Aeroflot has currently stationed four DC-10-freighters at Frankfurt-Hahn.

Russia’s largest and most important airline, Aeroflot, initially began chartered cargo flights from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport on 1 April 2000, transporting only electrical devices and automotive spare parts at that time. In the aforementioned year the company transshipped nearly 6,000 tons of cargo – today it notches up seven times that amount. Five years later, with 42,142 tons of flown cargo – 146 percent more than in 2003 - Aeroflot chose 2004 to become its record year. Even in months of October and November alone, Aeroflot transported over 10,000 tons last year. "We can especially thank the increased Christmas business for these October and November figures," reports Oleg Korolev, Regional Cargo Manager for Europe, headquartered in Frankfurt-Hahn. "An enormous amount of growth was already foreseeable after we expanded our fleet at our European Frankfurt-Hahn base from two to a total of four DC-10F's on 26 October 2003," Korolev continued. The increasingly strong demand for cargo from and to Asia is one of the reasons for the expansion. „Thus, with the beginning of our summer schedule, we offer two more weekly flights via Moscow to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Peking – that will be a total of eleven flights a week to this direction. And we keep our two weekly flights to Oslo, to transport the fresh and popular Norwegian salmon further on to Tokyo.“

"Frankfurt-Hahn is and remains our most important gate to Russia and Asia," Korolev elaborated. The 24-hour operations license belongs increasingly to the distinguishing attributes of Germany’s fourth largest cargo airport, along with its central location in Europe and its flexible slot allocation, indispensable for international freight airlines to be able to schedule efficiently. Besides that, the airline expects that the approved runway extension of 3,045 to 3,800 meters, currently the Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH’s most important development project, will bring about even more economically efficient freight operations.

"We are very much looking forward to our strongest and most significant scheduled freight service’s enormously increasing growth rates; those of Aeroflot. A 64-percent share of the total turnover of freight flown from Hahn proves we can very especially thank Aeroflot for our solid position as the fourth largest air cargo airport in Germany as well as for our increasing significance in the international air cargo market," says Jörg Schumacher, Managing Director of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH.

The operating company forecasts the volume of freight in 2005 at 80,000 tons of flown air cargo and 220,000 tons including substitute road traffic. Air Armenia, Air France Cargo, British Airways World Cargo, Egypt Air, Iran Air, MNG Airlines, Royal Jordanian, and, starting April 2005, Air New Zealand Cargo are among some of the other airfreight carriers offering scheduled flights from Hahn.

4,261 characters / 60 lines The history of Aeroflot at Hahn
Aeroflot transferred its European base from Luxembourg to Hahn in March 2002, and replaced the Ilyushin Il-76 cargo carrier with a modern DC-10, which is capable of carrying 64 tons across medium distances and 49 tons on long-distance routes. Back then, Aeroflot undertook three flights per week: one flight from Hahn via Moscow to Tokyo and two flights from Hahn via Oslo and Novosibirsk to Tokyo. After taking delivery of the second DC-10 in August 2002, Aeroflot started making two flights a week to Beijing and two flights to Tokyo.

Starting with the 2003 winter flight schedule on 26 October, two additional DC 10 cargo planes were stationed at Hahn. Aeroflot now has a total of four DC-10 cargo planes in their portfolio at their European hub at Frankfurt-Hahn. Two flights per week to Shanghai were added to the destinations in October 2003. Likewise, the frequency of flights to Moscow was expanded from three flights per week to daily service.

In addition to reserving cargo and passenger flights, delivering imported freight to various European cities, and organizing chartered freight flights, Aeroflot above all provides transportation of general, perishable, and hazardous goods to the Far and Middle East, Russia, and the CIS countries. Especially technical devices such as computers, flat screens, and mobile telephones plus animals such as polar bears, tigers and lamas and even relief aid for children’s homes in Novosibirsk rank among the cargo carried.

More Information on: www.aeroflot.ru/eng / Photo Material via nuray.gueler@hahn-airport.de

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