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Press article fom  17.03.2005

New airlines, new destinations, even more growth

Frankfurt-Hahn, 17 March 2005 – This year, the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is headed for abundant growth once again: on 1 March, Ryanair stationed their sixth machine and, for the first time ever, simultaneously opened up an Austrian destination – Klagenfurt – from Frankfurt-Hahn. Starting with the summer flight schedule (from 27 March), two new low-cost airlines Wizz Air and Iceland Express will be taking up residency at the popular German low-cost hub. The three new low-cost carriers will then be offering their price conscious passengers five great new destinations in Ireland, Island, Poland and Hungary. In total, flights will be headed for 27 destinations in ten European countries with an average of 62 flights per day . That is eight flights more than last summer.

Ryanair (www.ryanair.com)
The Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is a popular low-cost hub in the truest sense of the word: Ryanair, the European branch pioneer and market leader for reasonably priced routes is expanding its unique European basis in Germany, and they are not doing that without a good reason. They are stationing the sixth Ryanair machine at Hahn which will bring the airline an additional estimated 400,000 passengers yearly. Along with the new destination of Klagenfurt, for which flights started on 1 March 2005, the Irish airline will be heading for its home town of Dublin from Frankfurt-Hahn daily starting 3 May 2005. Ryanair’s current goal this year at the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is to check-through three million passengers. In 2004, Ryanair carried about 2.6 million passengers from its German base.

Wizz Air (www.wizzair.com)
On 27 March 2005, the new low-cost airline Wizz Air will be flying simultaneously to three destinations from Frankfurt-Hahn: Budapest, Katowice and Warsaw – and four times a week at that. Wizz Air is a young European low-cost airline focusing on the Central and Eastern European markets and is headquartered in Hungary. With a fleet of six A320’s, Wizz Air is already the largest low-cost air carrier in Poland and a major name in Hungary. Wizz Air started from its base in Katowice (southern Poland) for the first time on 19 May 2004. Since then, the airline has been flying to and from Budapest, Warsaw, and Gdansk (Danzig). By December 2004 over a half-million passengers had been carried on the route network. Starting December 2004, Wizz Air secured a new 25 million Euro financial package, adopted by an investor group led by Indigo Partners LLC and some Wizz Air shareholders. Indigo Partners is a private corporate capitalization company specialized in the transportation sector.

Iceland Express (www.icelandexpress.com)
On 21st of May 2005, the low-cost airline Iceland Express will start on its way from the high north to Germany for the first time. With three flights per week between Frankfurt-Hahn and Reykjavik, the airline is providing capacity for 16,000 passengers in the summer months. In February, the Icelandic airline already sold over 3,000 tickets for departures from Frankfurt-Hahn. A total of 40,000 Germans travelled to the land of the geysers during the past year. This year, the tourism company is reckoning with a growth rate of about five percent. Low ticket-fares, settling in at about 80 Euros for a one-way ticket, are intended to contribute to growth and stimulate competition with Icelandair, Iceland’s domestic carrier.

With these promising announcements, the Frankfurt-Hahn airport is expecting an increase of about 35 percent in its passenger traffic for 2005, amounting to circa 3.8 million passengers – almost 2.8 m flight passengers were checked through in 2004.

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