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Press article fom  21.07.2004

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport launches new Airport Magazine

FLUGHAFEN HAHN / IDAR-OBERSTEIN Everybody was in high spirits when the HahnAirport Magazine was presented in the airport terminal Tuesday night. Jörg Schumacher, Executive Director of the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport GmbH, was amazed with the magazine. “This magazine has a great potential of becoming the marketing platform of the entire Hahn airport. It is meeting a need we have had, but it is also an excellent flight magazine people might start collecting,” Schumacher said in high praise.

Birkenfeld’s District Administrator, Axel Redmer, and Dagmar Hilden-Kuntz, business manager of the Printing and Media group Dr. Gebhardt & Hilden, of Idar-Oberstein, were also excited to hear this. But there is another party that contributed significantly to this successful project. It is the main editorial office headed by Judith Jacoby (from Bad Kreuznach). Schumacher himself, who is familiar with several airport magazines, stated that this one is beyond any scope. He also reported a positive response from various sectors.

District Administrator Redmer referred to the quarterly 76 page magazine as a possible showcase for the entire region. “You are missing out on a great experience if you don’t take full advantage of this opportunity,” he stated further. He also mentioned that he is happy this is not a cheap product. “We have a magazine with a consistent concept and a fine presentation. It is a magazine that can be meaningful to the entire county of Birkenfeld” district manager Redmer remarked. He was especially delighted that it was the corporation which is realizing this project is in the county of Birkenfeld, and he pointed out that the magazine can be considered as an advertisement for the area as well.

Dagmar Hilden-Kuntz stated that this magazine for the Frankfurt-Hahn airport is designed to be a customer magazine of the Hahn airport and the various airlines flying in and out of Hahn. She said the editorial contents included quality entertainment, amazing pictures, exciting coverages, valuable information like special topics around the site, but also general information about flying and travel destinations.

Dagmar Hilden-Kunz continued the presentation saying that the readers’ entertainment, following the motto "dream and fly", should receive first priority. With this in mind, a competent team has been refining this concept for the past few months up to the current product launch and submitted it to the group of companies in Idar-Oberstein for completion of graphics and printing. She was also confident that a request for inexpensive flights will be stirred up. She stated that the purpose of the magazine for the airlines and the airport is first and foremost image formation, but that image promotion could be an interesting second step.

“The magazine is available free of cost in especially designed magazine racks in the Hahn departure terminals as a special thank you to all passengers. Last but not least, the magazine must be considered advertising material for all regions interlinked with Hahn and the airlines, and it should therefore be used as such,” was the summarizing remark of D. Hilden-Kuntz.

“The new Hahn-Airport magazine has become a very interesting and informative medium for the Hahn passengers. Whether tourist, spontaneous flyers, or business travelers, the new magazine does not only provide background information about flying and the airport, but also a variety of tourist tips for a stay around the Hahn or about foreign flight destinations. The first issue presents the Nahe river valley, known for its wellness programs, gems, and the ADAC Rallye as well as two destinations Sardinia and Norway. It contributes to a whole new dimension of introducing different European regions to air passengers. It’s a lot of fun reading it,” says Ute Patt, business manager of Naheland Touristik GmbH in Kirn.

There are 20,000 copies in the first edition of this bilingual (German/English) magazine, almost half of which are displayed at target airports in specifically designed HahnAirport magazine racks in Italy, Scandinavia, Ireland, and England. Enthusiastic travelers can also purchase this magazine at a price of 3.80 Euro at any large kiosk in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland and find direct information about the Hahn Airport.

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