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Second World War railroad cattle car to be flown to Holocaust Museum in Houston, Texas

Hahn Airport, 21st December 2005 – Yesterday, on the 20th December, a rare relic of the past was processed at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport: An authentic 11-tonne railroad cattle car from WW II used to deport thousands of Jews, and which is a symbol of evil and oppression, was loaded into a Polet Cargo Airlines Antonov AN124 to be flown to the "Houston Holocaust Museum" located in Texas, U.S.A. Here, the artefact will be permanently exhibited for educational purposes on the occasion of the Museum's 10th anniversary on 5th March 2006. VG Cargo was responsible for handling the freight at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Together with the airport's apron staff, the cargo was loaded into the AN124 in double quick time to enable the machine to take off at 10.17 pm. The flight is expected to take two days, which includes a planned one-day stopover for refuelling and inspection at Keflavik Airport in Iceland. The railroad cattle car is expected to arrive at the only cargo airport "Fort Worth Alliance" in Texas on 22nd December.


Ryanair strengthens its German base at Hahn

Mainz / Hahn Airport, 11th November 2005. Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH, that is owned by the majority by Fraport AG with 65 percent, con-tinues its success story in civil air travel: The operating company has concluded a new agreement with its main customer, Ryanair, the subject of which is a considerable successive expansion of the presence of the Irish low-cost airline at its European hub, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. This was announced today by Michael O´Leary, Minister-President Kurt Beck, Deputy Minister-President and Minister for Economic Affairs Hans-Artur Bauckhage, and the Directors of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH Jörg Schumacher and Stefano Wulf at a press conference held in the Rhineland Palatinate state chancellery.


Way Open for Sensible Balance Between Economic and Ecological Goals

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, October 20, 2005. The German nature conservation association NABU and the Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH (FFHG), with the help of the Rhineland-Palatinate Economic and Environment Ministry, settled their dispute over the extension of the runway at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport out of court. The settlement calls for NABU to abandon its lawsuit. In return, FFHG will implement additional contingency measures. "This compromise will reduce the intrusion into the habitat of the barbastelle bat and provide long-term assurance of the species' continued survival," commented Siegfried Schuch, Chairman of the Rhineland-Palatinate NABU on the agreement. FFHG has thus shown that it is willing to consider the concerns of nature conservation. "Airport expansion and nature conservation must not necessarily be contradictory. An intact environment is also close to our hearts. That is why we are glad that we found a way to agree," says Jörg Schumacher, FFHG Management Spokesman.


Macau Airport – the new sister of Hahn

Hahn-Airport, in October 2005 - Macau International Airport Co. Ltd. (CAM) and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, signed a letter of intent on the formulation of “Sister Air-ports”, at the Routes Conference on Monday 26 September, in Copenhagen Denmark. It was an enhancement of the development of the aviation business and deepened the cooperation and information exchange between airports of Europe and China (Macau).


More passengers, more freight, more jobs

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 14th October 2005. Both the traffic statistics and the employment statistics at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport have continued their upward course. The number of passengers in the first nine months of the year increased by 11 percent compared with the same period of the previous year (2,086,205 passengers) to 2,322,687. With 71,249 tonnes, air-freight transshipment achieved an increase of 58 percent (45,155 tonnes last year). Including the road feeder service, the airport handled 163,325 tonnes, 16 percent more than in the previous year (140,973 tonnes). The number of flight movements rose by 16 percent from 24,138 to 28,023. The number of employees on the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport site rose by 10 per-cent to 2,407 in the last year. This has set new records in all areas.


Five new routes and yet higher frequencies from Frankfurt-Hahn

Frankfurt-Hahn, September 16, 2005. Five new destinations and an average of 264 frequencies each week - an increase of 45 takeoffs and landings per week compared to last winter - will be on offer for price-conscious passengers from the first low-cost airport in Germany starting October 31. Ryanair will start flying for the first time to Gdansk and Rzeszow in Poland, Bratislava in Slovakia, Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Oporto in Portugal. Wizz Air is going to be increasing to five times per week its frequencies to the restless cities of Budapest and Warsaw - starting as early as September 18. From November to April this winter, the travel agent FlyCar is also going to start bringing snow-hungry vacationers to the far North – to Arvidsjaur in Lapland in northern Sweden. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is expecting around 3.5 million passengers this year. More information at www.hahn-aiport.de.


New Access Road Opens Today

Frankfurt-Hahn, 9th September 2005. Right on schedule this morning, the new access road was opened for use at the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Hundreds of passengers and visitors helped to launch the four-lane access road leading directly to the terminal. The final signs and lane markings will be finished in the next few days. On November 24, the new road will be officially inaugurated by Minister President Beck and the Zweckverband Flughafen Hahn, the developer. More information is available at www.hahn-airport.de.


The apron is being enlarged and Frankfurt-Hahn is one of the fastest-growing cargo airports in the world

Frankfurt-Hahn, 7th September 2005. Owing to rising passenger numbers and cargo tonnages, the first low-cost airport in Germany, Frankfurt-Hahn, is finding it needs more and more room and is therefore increasingly concentrating on expanding its infrastructure. Its next project will be to further enlarge the apron, especially for the cargo area. Construction is intended to start this year on two new cargo positions for wide-bodied aircraft and to be finished roughly in May of 2006. According to the international trade journal "AirCargoWorld", Frankfurt-Hahn Airport was the only German airport to place among the fastest-growing cargo-airports worldwide last year.


Low-cost terminal has now officially "expanded"

Frankfurt-Hahn, 21 July 2005. The new extended low-cost terminal at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport was officially opened today (Thursday, 21 July) by Hans-Artur Bauckhage, Transport Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, and Jörg Schumacher and Stefano Wulf, Managing Directors of the airport operating company, in the presence of invited guests from politics, industry, and the press. The existing Terminals 1 and 2 were extended to include a 3,500 sq metre intermediate area within the shortest possible construction time (8 months). Parts of the new complex came into service on 1 June 2005. The "expanded" terminal now has a total area of 13,500 sq metres and can accommodate up to 6 million passengers. The total cost of the intermediate building came to €3.9 million, which means that a sum of €21 million has now been expended on the complete terminal since the construction of the first terminal in 1999. Some terminal tenants celebrated this day with discount and sampling actions for passengers and visitors. Further information is available at www.hahn-airport.de.


Break-even point in sight

Frankfurt-Hahn, 18th July 2005. Things are going "according to plan" for Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH with its half-year results - for both the traffic figures and for the economic results. This was announced today at a press conference in the Airport Forum of Frankfurt Rhine-Main Airport by Jörg Schumacher, Management Spokesman, and Stefano Wulf, new Commercial CEO, who has been working at the airport since the middle of April. The main focus was on the subjects of investment and expansion for safeguarding the economic centre and employment generator Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. With more than 1.5 million passengers, Germany's only truly low-cost airport exceeded the result for the same period in the previous year by 13 percent. Freight handling showed an increase of 54 percent for pure airfreight. The number of flight movements rose by twelve percent. Turnover grew by 26 percent to over 17 million euros. The operating loss (EBITDA = Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation) was reduced by three percent to 2.8 million euros. The break-even point, which is expected in 2006, and profitability, which is planned from 2008, are moving significantly closer with these figures.


More and more incoming and business travellers

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 18th July 2005. The number of both incoming tourists and business travellers at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has risen considerably. This is the result of the latest opinion poll conducted in February and May 2005 by the IFAK Institute in Taunusstein as part of an ongoing passenger survey. In addition, it has become clear that there are four types of traveller amongst the cost-conscious private users of Germany's first and only truly low-cost airport.


Fresh produce every week from Egypt to Germany

Frankfurt-Hahn, June 24, 2005 – Egypt Air Cargo, Egypt's national freight carrier, is changing its aircraft fleet and today presented its first brand-new Airbus A300-600F at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. In honor of the major culinary jamboree of the "à la région" initiative (www.alaregion.de), which was tickling palates at the same time in the airport's gigantic overhaul hangar, the Egyptians used their new Airbus to fly in nearly four tons of grapes for the six hundred guests attending the event. Egypt Air Cargo flies a regular scheduled service once each week to and from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, primarily bringing fresh goods to Germany. The airline is also offering charter business by making roughly three flights a week beyond Cairo to the Near East and Africa. Now that the grape season has begun, thousands of tons of grapes will be delivered for Germany's supermarkets this summer.


Wizz Air connects Sofia with Frankfurt-Hahn

Wizz Air, the largest low fare - low cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, at a press conference in Sofia yesterday announced that it would start flights from Sofia to Budapest and would also offer connections to London and Frankfurt from 18 September 2005.


Bauckhage: Labour market effects much higher than expected /

"The positive labour market effects created by Frankfurt-Hahn Airport are much higher than previously assumed: in 2003 alone, operations at and around the airport led to the creation of more than 8,000 jobs, around 6,500 of which were here in the state," said Hans-Artur Bauckhage, Minister for Economic Affairs of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, on the occasion of the presentation of a Study by the Institute of Aerospace Law and Business (ZFL) of Trier Technical College/Birkenfeld Environmental Campus in Mainz. The production value of around €650 million and gross value added of €328 million were also mentioned.


Golfclub Hahn with an air of refinement

Frankfurt-Hahn, 2 June 2005. In addition to the numerous extension work at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Hahn Golf Club situated at the bottom of the Airport is also now being spruced up. The new board of directors of Golfclub Hahn has set himself the task of improving the playing conditions for both members and guests. The first measures towards achieving this objective have already been taken. On 3 July 2005, the Golf Club is holding an “open day with free introductory courses for everyone”. For further information, visit our homepage: www.gc-hahn.de.


From access road via bus station to terminal

Frankfurt-Hahn, June 1, 2005. The next round of improvements to the infrastructure at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has taken off. The new terminal will start operations today - the official terminal opening ceremony is scheduled to be held on July 21, 2005 with Hans-Artur Bauckhage, Vice-Minister-President of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, and invited guests attending - , the construction of the new access road is entering its final phase and a new bus station is under construction.


Iceland Express takes off from Frankfurt-Hahn

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 24th May 2005. The maiden flight by Iceland Express, Iceland's first and only low-fare airline, took off from Frankfurt-Hahn to the most northerly capital in the world, Reykjavik, on 21st May 2005. Birgir Jonsson, new Managing Director of Iceland Express, Jóhannes Kristinsson, Chairman of Iceland Express, Magnús Oddsson, representative of the Icelandic Tourist Board in Iceland, Stefano Wulf, Managing Director of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH, as well as other collaborative partners today officially inaugurated this attractive service. Iceland Express flies from Frankfurt-Hahn every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday for around 80 euros per person each way – not including taxes and fees – for the approximately 3.5-hour trip to the "Land of the Geysers". Bookings and information at www.icelandexpress.com.


''Hahn'' still on course for growth

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 10th May 2005. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Ger-many's first low-cost airport, continues to show improved figures in the passenger and cargo sectors. The passenger count for the months of January to March of this year came to 663,928, which represents an increase of 15 percent compared with the corresponding period of the previous year. The second means of support - air cargo - has also shown positive development: With just under 48,000 tonnes including road feeder traffic, nine percent more cargo was transshipped than in the first quarter of 2004. Pure airfreight exhibited a higher increase. Here, the rate of increase was 28 percent to almost 19,000 tonnes (just less than 15,000 tonnes in 2004). The number of commercial flight movements increased by five percent with 7,564 takeoffs and landings (7,230 in 2004).


Closure of the federal highway B 327 (Hunsrückhöhenstrasse)

Frankfurt-Hahn, 04/05/2005 – Following a speedy decision by the Higher Administrative Court in Koblenz on 27th April, Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH is now able to proceed with its project to extend the runway at the expanded airport. As the first task, the building schedule provides for the removal of the topsoil, creating an embankment, and excavation work.


Extra flights to Katowice, Poland planned beginning July

Frankfurt-Hahn, 28th April 2005 – After only one month in operation, Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline for Central and Eastern Europe, announced an extension to their flight schedule from Frankfurt-Hahn. From the beginning of July, an extra flight each week to Katowice in Poland will be listed on the summer flight schedule. József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air, announced a possible expansion at the press conference on 13th April at Frankfurt-Hahn due to the excellent booking figures. Katowice will be served by an extra flight every Thursday in addition to those already in service since the 27th March every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. In addition, Wizz Air also flies four times every week to Budapest and Warsaw. Reservations and more information at www.wizzair.com.


4 new routes to Portugal - Poland - Slovakia

London / Frankfurt-Hahn, 19th April 2005 - Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 low fares airline, today (19th April 2005) announced a major expansion at its Frankfurt Hahn base with 4 new European routes to Bratislava (Slovakia), Porto (Portugal), Gdansk & Rzeszow (Poland).


Wizz Air flies 3 routes to Frankfurt-Hahn

Frankfurt-Hahn, 13th April 2005 - On 27th March Wizz Air, the leading CEE based low cost airline launched its flights to Frankfurt-Hahn from Budapest in Hungary, Warsaw and Katowice in Poland. Following the successful establishment of Wizz Air in Dortmund, now Frankfurt- Hahn becomes the second market the airline serves in Germany. Initially all three routes will be flown 4 times per week, but Wizz Air is already looking into increasing this frequency in the near future in line with the passenger number development.


1 plus 2 becomes one

Frankfurt-Hahn, 5 April 2005. The roof of the new terminal infrastructure at the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has been completed. With today’s topping-out, another important milestone for the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has been set in place. After only five months construction time – construction activities were started at the beginning of November 2004 – the shell for the new terminal, planned for completion at the beginning of June 2005, has been accomplished. Both existing Terminals 1 and 2 are to be connected into one large terminal with a total of 13,500 square metres at a cost of 3.9 million euros project volume. Up to 5 million passengers can then be checked through the new terminal. Even more store space and gastronomic highlights will delight passengers and visitors alike.


All-time record plus of 146 percent in 2004

Frankfurt-Hahn, 1 April 2005. Aeroflot, Russia’s largest commercial airline, is celebrating its five year anniversary at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, its European freight hub, with record figures. For 2004, the Russian airline can boast its best ever rate of increase: with a total of 42,142 tons of handled freight, the airfreight carrier exceeded its previous year’s result by 146 percent (2003: 17,103 tons); with almost 18,000 tons, exports increased 151 percent and imports, with over 24,000 tons, increased 143 percent. The proportion of Aeroflot cargo flights in 2004 as compared with the total amount of freight flown through the Frankfurt-Hahn airport (66,145 tons in 2004) amounted to an impressive 64 percent. The airline has turned around 77,000 tons of freight since its start at Germany’s fourth largest airport in April 2000. With the beginning of the summer schedule (end of March) the frequencies of the flights from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport were increased from 11 to 13 per week: The Aeroflot summer timetable indicates now 11 flights a week to Moscow with connection flights to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Peking (before nine flights) and as before two weekly flights to Oslo/Norway. Aeroflot has currently stationed four DC-10-freighters at Frankfurt-Hahn.


New airlines, new destinations, even more growth

Frankfurt-Hahn, 17 March 2005 – This year, the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is headed for abundant growth once again: on 1 March, Ryanair stationed their sixth machine and, for the first time ever, simultaneously opened up an Austrian destination – Klagenfurt – from Frankfurt-Hahn. Starting with the summer flight schedule (from 27 March), two new low-cost airlines Wizz Air and Iceland Express will be taking up residency at the popular German low-cost hub. The three new low-cost carriers will then be offering their price conscious passengers five great new destinations in Ireland, Island, Poland and Hungary. In total, flights will be headed for 27 destinations in ten European countries with an average of 62 flights per day . That is eight flights more than last summer.


Breakeven expected in one year

Frankfurt-Hahn/Berlin, in March 2005 – During the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin, Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH announced its successful tourist and economic performance figures for all of 2004: with almost 2.8 million passengers, Germany’s first low-cost airport beat its own previous year’s results by 14 percent. In the freight sector, 81 percent more own volume was handled as in the previous year. The turnover grew with a plus of 31 percent. The non-aviation sector – infrastructure remunerations, rent and parking count as part of that – recorded the most substantial rate of increase with nearly 70 percent. It was possible to decrease the operational loss (EBITDA = earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) by 38 percent down to 4.7 m Euro. „As we stated last year, we continue on the best route to arrive in the profit margin latest in 2006 for EBITDA and 2008 for the overall result“, according to General Manager Andreas Helfer.


Air New Zealand Cargo lets the KIWI out of the bag

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 9th March 2005. The Frankfurt Hahn airport success story continues also in the freight sector: Along with Air New Zealand Cargo reorienting its business to the start of B747-400 Global Freighter services, Frankfurt-Hahn airport is now also on the New Zealand freight carrier’s timetable together with the Frankfurt Rhine-Maine airport. Accordingly, both airports will be flown to from Auckland via Melbourne and Shanghai. The airline then returns to New Zealand's capital city via Chicago and Honolulu. Air New Zealand Cargo is the ninth airfreight carrier providing scheduled service from Frankfurt-Hahn.


Iceland Express flies to the land of geysers

Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn, 25 February 2005. Iceland is a very popular holiday destination and until now, the flight connections were rather limited. This will change with the summer flight schedule, however. Starting 21st May, Iceland-Express will be flying three times a week from Frankfurt-Hahn to Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. Thanks to the new flights, Iceland will be easier to reach than ever before. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, one of the low-cost airline’s Boeing 737-300s will be taking off for the north. Online ticket sales at www.icelandexpress.com started already at the beginning of February. The prices start at €80 for the approximately 3½-hour flight.


Surf cable-free in Hahn – with W-LAN

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 10th February 2005. Starting immediately Frankfurt-Hahn airport is offering its guests exceptional surfing pleasure even before departure: those who have taken their laptop or a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) along can surf the World Wide Web at high-speed without cable-chaos by taking advantage of the W-LAN (Wireless Local Area Network) service from T-Mobile. For instance, you can catch up on the latest world news or find out how the weather is at your destination. Information about the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport and on the HotSpot offer from provider T-Mobile can be called up free of charge by clicking on the matching logo. That means the passengers can get information on the exact arrival and departure times, bus schedules, and the numerous services and up-to-date news all around Frankfurt-Hahn Airport and about the diverse products offered by T-Mobile.


Iceland Express is coming to Hahn

With the 2005 summer timetable Iceland Express, the Icelandic low-cost airline, will be starting its flight operations in Hahn. On Friday, the airport authority advised that starting 21 May three flights will be lifting off from the Hunsrück Airport for Iceland. A Boeing 737-300 will be employed for this. The flying time amounts to about 31/2 hours. Departure days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Up to now, Iceland Express has been flying to London Stansted and Copenhagen. Tickets can be booked at www.icelandexpress.de starting immediately.


Continued growth

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 14 Jan 2005. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport can look back at another successful year. The traffic-volume growth rate continues in the double-digit range, meaning that the first German low-cost airport proceeds with its success.