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A dream of an aircraft at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 8th December 2002. The largest heavy load transporter in the world, the Antonov AN 225 Myria (Myria means dream), landed for the first time at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport on Saturday. With 90 tonnes of cargo on board, it took off on Sunday for Montreal in Canada with a refuelling stop in Shannon. The charter company is Chapman Freeborn Airmarketing GmbH of Frankfurt, which had brought cargo from different customers for shipment. For the greater part, this comprised particularly large and heavy machinery and spare parts for ships, which represents the ideal cargo for this large-volume aircraft. With its giant cargo hold, it is predestined for large items of freight. The largest item of cargo was 3.20 metres high and could not be loaded by conven-tional means. The two heaviest items each weighed 15 tonnes and the longest component was 9.40 metres in length.


Jobs for the region

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 18th November 2002. The course followed by the Rhine-land Pfalz state government, together with Fraport AG, of expanding the former Hahn air force base into a flourishing commercial location in order to create jobs in an otherwise weakly structured region is showing extraordinary success. While jobs are being lost elsewhere, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is becoming more and more an employment generator for the region. This is shown by an investigation carried out by the institution A & O Arbeitsmarkt- und Organisationsberatung Gettmann, the results of which were presented today in the presence of Minister of Labour, Malu Dreyer, and Employment Office Director, Dr. Voelkel.


Aeroflot Cargo expands Frankfurt-Hahn to become a European Hub

Two DC-10 cargo aircraft already on station


Frankfurt-Hahn on track for the Top Ten

The one millionth passenger for 2002 – Additional terminal capacity through further expansion – 3,000 new parking spaces: now with their own shuttle bus – External connections further improved: bus feeder not only from Koblenz and Rhine-Main but also from Heidelberg and Luxembourg with attractive pick-up options


Passenger numbers exceed the one million per year threshold for the first time - the expansion continues

The one millionth passenger - Additional terminal capacity - 3000 new parking spaces


The experts in special shipments

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 13th August 2002.Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is putting its capabilities to the test in the special shipment area more and more frequently. Freight goods of all kinds, from generators via production machinery to complete tramcars, have already been sent on their way from here. A particularly important role in this regard is played by the Antonov 124, one of the biggest cargo aircraft in the world. Thanks to the large loading hatches, even items of freight with sizeable dimensions can be transported by this means.


Air France Cargo 5 years in Frankfurt-Hahn

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, July 2002. Air France Cargo has been operating an air freight transhipment centre at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport for exactly five years now. Europe's largest freight carrier centres the whole German road feeder service here as an interface to the intercontinental air cargo hub in Paris. Even in times of weak economic activity, Air France has succeeded in maintaining a level of air freight transhipment of around 120,000 tonnes per annum.


Frankfurt-Hahn on the way to the Top Ten in Germany

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 8th July 2002. Increasing passenger numbers - Growing range of flights - More employees - Attractive terminal services - Shops open seven days a week


New Terminal Officially in Service

Frankfurt-Hahn airport, the 20th June 2002. Investment costs of around 6 million euros – Service-oriented visitors’ level on the upper floor with services from A as in Automobile hire to T for Tourist agencies – Frankfurt-Hahn now ranked 20th among the 36 German airports – Further improvement in the rankings envisaged for 2002 due to rising passenger figures


"Ryanair has a soft spot for Frankfurt-Hahn"

Frankfurt-Hahn, February 14, 2002. Today Ryanair opened its second base in mainland Europe and, simultaneously, the first "turnstile" in Germany. The airline noted for its low-cost flights is now flying daily, in some cases several times, from Frankfurt-Hahn to a total of ten destinations in England, France, Italy, Ireland, Norway and Scotland. "Air traffic is undergoing radical changes. Ryanair has recognized the sign of the times and is offering cheap flights for all. Ryanair has since become the largest and most successful low-cost carrier in Europe. Frankfurt-Hahn has established itself as the leading low-cost airport in Germany and, together with Ryanair, will continue its success story in seamless fashion." This is the view of Jörg Schumacher, general manager of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH.


Increasing of Equity Capital by 27 Million Euros

Frankfurt, 9 January 2002. Today the partners of the company running Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH), the Fraport AG and also the state of Rhineland-Palatinate took the decision to increase the equity capital of the Airport Association from 3.5 million to 30.5 million Euros. The extra funds are to be channelled into the continuing extension of the airport, including the expanding of the passenger terminal and the lengthening of the runway.