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Good to know

People with reduced mobility

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is an airport with very short distances; the complete facility is on 2 levels and no steps or stairs need to be used for departing or arriving.

The following information is designed to give you some details.

Planning your journey
If you are disabled or experience reduced mobility and need assistance at the airport, it is mandatory to inform your airline of your particular needs not later than 48 hours prior to departure, ideally giving as much information as possible for both your outbound and return flights.
This will enable airport staff to provide you the required assistance.

We ask you to be at the airport two hours before the scheduled departure, however, please register yourself at the information desk not later than one hour before your plane departs.

Before leaving home
We recommend to acquaint yourself with the respective airline’s terms and conditions concerning the transportation of mobility equipment, medical equipment etc.

Arrival at the airport

The Frankfurt busstop, the P4a bus shuttle station and the taxistand are located in front of the terminal.
All other buses will stop at the bus station which is located about 200 metres away from the terminal.

In the Terminal

If you need a wheelchair temporarily, please inform our service staff at the information counter. For this purpose there are airport-owned wheelchairs available.

Terminal area
There are designated seats in the terminal for passengers who need special assistance: In each check-in area, in each gate and in the public area of the arrival hall.

Several toilets which are handicapped accessible are located in the terminal area. They are marked with the corresponding pictogram.

Security controls
Security is our top concern. Most probably, wheelchairs will activate the metal detector when passing the security check. Additionally, a security assistant will check the passenger him-/herself as well as the wheelchair again with a handheld detector. An individual check separated from the public area is possible if desired. Security controls are subject to supervision of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate. Security controls are carried out by a government authorized security company.

Guide dogs
Before commencing your travel, please check with your airline their special terms and conditions regarding guide dogs. Furthermore, it is advisable to contact corresponding public authorities in your destination country in order to inform you about special regulations for the import of animals.

Help Point
The Help Point at the airport is the information desk in the terminal. Please inform our staff that you require assistance and if you have pre-booked support or not. You will be provided with assistance from that point onwards.
Additionally, our staff members are appropriately trained to help. So we would encourage you to get in contact with them if you have any questions or if you require any further help.

Upon arrival of your flight
If special assistance is required you will be accompanied from the aircraft via arrival area including pass-control and baggage claim to the place of your onward journey (cash machine, car-park, bus stations).

Airline contacts for further information: