Abflüge Ankünfte Parken Routenplaner

Check List

Passenger Airline Requirements

An airport is just one item in your product line. We have to make sure that we are able to serve you the way you want it and that we offer all the necessary products at a reasonable price and at an excellent quality. This will enable you to focus on market shares and competition – and not wasting your time with airports, which do not want to understand your needs. We update constantly our “Passenger Check-list” – to check every day if we are still on track to please your needs.

  • Cost-friendly environment
  • Avialibility of Slots / short ground time
  • Dedicated and well trained airport staff to understand the individual product
  • Sufficient market demand = catchment area
  • Runway length
  • Enough capacity and functional Terminal facilities
  • Short ways and easy procedures for passengers in the terminal
  • Comfort and all amenities for Passengers during stay at the Airport
  • Smooth boarder control 24 / 7
  • Short taxitime to runway
  • Dedicated aprons
  • Sufficient Ground Equipment
  • Infrastructure to handle XXL flights – i.e. long-haul charters
  • Heavy Maintenance/Line Maintenance
  • 24 / 7 opening hours for all kind of flights and services
  • CAT III b Installation/no weather restrictions