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Current Departures Current Arrivals
  Flight to Departure* Departure expected* Status
FR 08788 Zagreb 22:55 02:25 delayed
FR 06349 Palermo 09:15 09:35 departed
W6 07730 Skopje 09:40    
W6 06616 Tirana 09:45 10:45 delayed
FR 00381 Dublin 10:25    

* All departure- and arrival times are local times, subject to change.

Price reduction Airport parking spaces

The parking rates for our short-term parking space directly in front of the passenger terminal have been reduced. From now on, the first 10 minutes are free of charge - after that, up to the first hour, € 2.50 will be charged. Each additional hour costs €5. The daily rate is € 29.

The fees for the parking spaces P1, P2 and P3 have also been reduced. Under the following link you can get an overview of the new rates:

Information about Corona

Entry Regulaions Germany
The current regulations for people entering from a Corona high risk area or from areas of variant of concern or as well as all information about Corona can be viewed under the following link.

Entry Regulations Abroad
Entry regulations and general information about the country you wish to enter can be found under the following link:

Corona Test Facilities
There is currently no test station at the Airport.