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Press article fom  18.11.2002

Jobs for the region

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 18th November 2002. The course followed by the Rhine-land Pfalz state government, together with Fraport AG, of expanding the former Hahn air force base into a flourishing commercial location in order to create jobs in an otherwise weakly structured region is showing extraordinary success. While jobs are being lost elsewhere, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is becoming more and more an employment generator for the region. This is shown by an investigation carried out by the institution A & O Arbeitsmarkt- und Organisationsberatung Gettmann, the results of which were presented today in the presence of Minister of Labour, Malu Dreyer, and Employment Office Director, Dr. Voelkel.

In September 2002, it was established in a company questionnaire that there was a total of 1819 employees at the location; this is 13 percent more than in the previ-ous year and twice as many as in 1998. It is mainly people from the immediate environment of the airport that are benefiting from this development. 77 percent of all employees come from a distance of up to 30 minutes travelling time. 61 percent live in the Rhine-Hunsrück district, 11 percent in the Birkenfeld area and eight percent in each of the districts of Cochem-Zell and Bernkastel-Wittlich.

The jobs, and accordingly the demands, are manifold. One of the largest groups of employees in the core area of the airport are the freight and baggage handlers, followed by security forces, flight attendants and check-in personnel. New services and activities have sprung up in and around the airport due to the strong growth in passenger traffic, particularly in commerce, gastronomy and car rentals. Also, independently from the flight operations, companies are settling in the area that are offering interesting and qualified jobs such as call-centre agent, IT specialist or shipping clerk to name just a few. The mood of the companies at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is good. Further appointments are already planned, as is the expansion of the training on offer. The investigation predicts a total of 2500 jobs at the location by the end of 2004.

Stronger growth is expected particularly in the areas of freight and baggage handling, flight attendants, check-in personnel, pilots, shipping documentation, rescue assistants, service personnel, call-centres and specialist office workers.

With the exception of a few individual cases, it will be possible for positions to be filled by qualified persons from the neighbourhood of the airport without any difficulty. The companies can call upon a wide and qualified potential workforce when it comes to personnel recruitment. Over 4000 people, who are looking for employment at the location, have registered with the Hahn Job Centre, a joint initiative by the Employment Office, the Rhine-Hunsrück district and the airport company. 2480 of these people live in the immediate neighbourhood, i.e. up to half an hour by car away from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. The employment requirements match the future need for personnel extremely well.

The institution A & O Arbeitsmarkt und Organisationsberatung Gettmann offers assistance to companies at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in making their decision when placing personnel in the form of a job market information system (AIS). This pro-ject is being promoted by the Ministry of Work, Social Security, Family and Health and the airport company. It documents the ongoing employment development and estimates the future personnel and qualification requirements. In addition, the AIS provides detailed information about the potential regional workforce.

Complementing this, the Hahn Job Centre offers specific placement of accurately matched workers, advice on personnel selection and the creation of jobs. Due to its proximity to the companies, it is able to investigate the requirements in great detail and plan the qualifications of the workers. With these two partners, the airport company is leading the way in location marketing with regard to the per-sonnel area.

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