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Press article fom  19.03.2003

With Volareweb.com to Venice and Brindisi

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 19 March 2003. On 30 March, the Italian airline Volareweb.com will be launching the second low-cost airline at Frankfurt-Hahn airport. This was announced today at a press conference by Edgardo Badiali, commercial director of the Volare Group. There will be two flights daily to Venice and one to Brindisi. Of particular interest is the extraordinarily good connection to Apulia, which did not exist before. The low-cost connection to Venice, too, is new to this area and is likely to meet with considerable interest. For incoming tourism from Italy to Germany, the region around the Frankfurt-Hahn airport represents an attractive holiday destination with its Hunsrück, Moselle, Nahe and Rhine districts.

The management of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH sees itself vindicated in an-nouncing its low-cost strategy. “We were the first airport in Germany to recognize the opportunities that the low-cost market offers. Since then, many others have been trying to get a piece of the action in this growth sector. The airport of Frankfurt-Hahn geared itself early to the needs of the new market and, in doing so, gained a competitive edge,” Jörg Schumacher, director of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH, believes.

“Low-cost airlines do not require any lavish provision for their passenger terminals and cannot afford it either. Frankfurt-Hahn airport has the advantage that it is undergoing development. We are both able and keen to build what’s needed and pays its way,“ director Andreas Helfer adds. Hence, the investment costs of the passenger terminal at Frankfurt-Hahn, for example, are below five euro per annual passenger. That is a fraction of the costs that other airports spend. There are no marble floors in the terminal building, no docking fingers and no computer reservation systems. The boarding cards are reusable. Speed, flexibility and high motivation of staff guarantee short ground times. Low revenue by the low-cost carriers can be offset by higher profits with the concessionaries.

Volareweb.com along with Volare Airlines and Air Europe is the third subsidiary of the Volare Group, the largest private airline in Italy. At nineteen airports in Europe - eleven in Italy – the aircraft of Volareweb.com will be starting and landing this summer. The philosophy of the Volareweb.com company is based on the low-cost principle, which allows passengers to fly from one euro plus taxes per journey, given prompt booking. The passengers receive a code consisting of figures and letters, which enables them to obtain their boarding card on checking in. There is no traditional cabin service, though drinks, snacks, phone cards and tickets for the local transport of the cities flown to can all be bought on-board, as well as boutique and perfumery items. The range of services Volareweb.com provides on the Internet is gradually being developed, too: beside the flight, it will soon be possible to book other services on-line at favourable rates – hotels, car hire, travel insurance, to name but a few.

Booking is possible on the Internet at www.volareweb.com, via the call-free Volareweb call centre (0800-1014169) or via a Volareweb.com accredited travel bureau.

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