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Press article fom  12.01.2012

Cargo record for Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport ended 2011 with record results in the cargo sector. Last year, 286,416 metric tons of air freight (locally generated cargo plus transit) were handled by the German airport. This represents a 25% increase versus the previous year (228,547 tons). As expected, the number of passengers dropped by ca. 17%. In 2011 Frankfurt-Hahn was used by 2,894,363 travellers. This negative development was compensated for by the growth in air cargo; 5,122,727 traffic units were processed in 2011, which was almost identical to the figure for 2010 (5,135,151 units).

Managing director of the airport Wolfgang Pollety is satisfied with the results. "In cargo we've had the highest result in the history of the airport. Regarding passenger traffic, the negative effects of the aviation tax have made themselves felt, as was to be expected. However, all in all we were able to compensate for the drop in passenger numbers with the increase in freight."

Frankfurt Hahn Airport had the biggest growth in its locally generated cargo, i.e. the amount of cargo loaded and unloaded at Hahn itself. With a total of 222,836 metric tons handled the figures for the previous year (167,157 tons) were trumped by 33%. At 46% the gain in export freight was greater than that in import cargo (21%). Including the road feeder service, 565,344 tons of air cargo were processed through Hahn – 21% more than in 2010. This unusual rate of expansion is well above the average for the rest of Germany and was generated by both existing customers and new clients.

The aviation tax introduced in January 2011 had a strong impact on the number of passengers travelling through Frankfurt Hahn Airport. As a result Ryanair, the largest passenger airline on site, considerably reduced its number of flights.

For the current year, however, the airport operators are also reckoning on further growth in this sector. "The summer flight plan for 2012 already includes 61 destinations – more than ever before. We're thus optimistic that this year we'll clock up an increase in the number of passengers for the first time in years," concludes Wolfgang Pollety.

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