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Press article fom  15.01.2007

“Zweckverband Flughafen Hahn” Successfully Concludes Cargo Project

Frankfurt Hahn Airport, January 15, 2007. After only thirteen months under con-struction, the new cargo access road at Frankfurt Hahn Airport was opened to-day. The project costs for the roughly 440-meter access road ran to € 3.4 million. The “Zweckverband Flughafen Hahn” (Hahn Airport Special-Purpose Associa-tion) was responsible for the construction project.

It was necessary to build the new access road in the groundside cargo area in order to connect the commercial areas to Hahn Cargo Services / Fraport Cargo Services' new cargo centre, which started operations in November 2006, and VG Cargo's cargo terminal still under construction up to the apron. A total of three smaller access roads with a length of 265 meters run out from the 440-meter cargo access road to connect the cargo terminals to the apron.

Planning for the new cargo access road began in the spring of 2005. After quickly obtaining a permit and getting the RFQ modalities down, the “Zweckverband Flughafen Hahn”, which is responsible for all groundside development projects at Frankfurt Hahn Airport, gave the green light to start building the road on October 10, 2005.

The contract for the construction work was given to Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cargo Nord-Hahn Kirchner/T-L (Kirchner Bauunternehmung Erfurt GmbH/T-L Tief- und Land-schaftsbau Apolda GmbH & Co. KG). The engineering firm of Jakoby & Schreiner managing the construction work supervised the project and was highly influential in keeping to the schedule, thus ensuring that the building costs turned out to be lower than originally budgeted.

Since the cargo area, with its roads, buildings and aprons, was also paved, it was necessary to expand the Bärenbach stormwater storage basin at the same time in order to protect the surrounding towns from flooding. To this end, the existing basin was enlarged from 10,500 cubic meters to 18,000 cubic meters. This project was overseen by Weis engineering consultants from Wackernheim, who are responsible for wastewater planning near the airport. As soon as the weather permits, local subcontractors will begin putting the final touches on the road, such as seeding and levelling the surface.

The “Zweckverband FLughafen Hahn” was also responsible for the construction pro-jects involving the bus terminal and the access road from the Lautzenhausen junction to the terminal, which started operations in September and October 2005.

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