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Press article fom  02.11.2004

Concentration on airport operations

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 2 November 2004. The Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is and continues to be a regional job motor. In this connection, one can observe an increasing concentration of employment in business lines locating around the airport operations. The general positive tenor of the companies continues to persist. These are the main findings of the most recent survey done by the Trier Institute A&O Arbeitsmarkt- und Organisationsberatung Gettmann, the results having been summarized in a location profile.

The Frankfurt-Hahn Airport location profile
The Hahn location profile is composed every two years. In addition to the job count carried out two to three times a year, it covers additional points such as the locating of business sectors, future expectations, detailed information about the various activities in the company, new hires, problems with personnel searches, and the concrete manpower requirements. On top of that it highlights developments. This information is gathered through company surveys carried out at the airport location. The participation in the current survey was 96 percent of 101 companies.

The currently available location profile benefits various protagonists. The companies and authorities situated at the location as well as the public can inform themselves about the employment developments. Politicians and municipal decision makers obtain data on the general development of the location. Educational institutions can selectively plan schemes. Furthermore, it has special significance for an efficient marketing of the location.

The most important findings
The positive trend in last year’s employment numbers continues in principal. Meanwhile, there are 101 companies at the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport location, which provide 2,193 jobs. There were still 2,262 jobs in the same month last year in September 2003. The reduction can be especially explained through company closures. Still, in a two-year comparison, i.e., a comparison to the last location profile performed in September 2002, an increase of 374 jobs is evident. That corresponds to an increase of 20 percent. Despite a stable number of companies (from 102 to 101), an increase in the number of employees can be observed.

Concentration on employment
The concentration of employment in sectors locating around the airport operations already observed in 2002 is thereby resumed. The number of jobs is developing the most positively in airport-specific areas. Overall, 80 percent of the increase in jobs can be allocated to areas directly connected to airport operations. Almost all branches have gained related jobs. In September 2004, about 300 jobs have been located just within Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH itself. The second largest group of jobs is represented by services in the terminal followed by the check-in area and by freight handling/air freight handling. Just under 20 percent of the increase in jobs took place in areas not directly connected with the airport operations themselves. In this regard, companies were able to indirectly profit from the development of the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. The number of jobs significantly increased particularly in areas of services, trade, leisure time and gastronomy.

Employment status
Full time employment is the dominant employment status at the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport location. Three-quarters of the employees work full time; the number of part-time employees amounts to 14 percent. At almost 10 percent, the proportion of peripheral workers has likewise remained stable for the last two years. The number of trainees has increased sharply. Compared with September 2002, this increase from 26 to 51 has almost doubled and now amounts to 2.3 percent of the total number of jobs.

Jobs for the region
Above all, the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport continues to offer jobs to the workforce in the region. Over 60 percent of the workforce comes from the Rhine-Hunsrück and Birkenfeld counties. Three-quarters of all employees at the airport come from the immediate surroundings with traveling times of up to one and a half hours. Less than five percent have a commuting time to their jobs of over one hour.

Above all, companies at the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport appreciate the airport’s development opportunities and customer proximity as an important location advantage. At the same time, it is apparent this plays an important role especially in growth industries (e.g., car rentals, company related services). The companies present an optimistic tenor and have positive expectations for the future. Three-quarters of the resident companies expect an improved business situation up to the end of 2006 and only a few firms are anticipating deterioration. The companies estimate their future manning levels similarly, even if not quite as positively. Over a third are expecting growth in the staffing levels; only one company is assuming a decrease in the number of employees. If these assessments by the surveyed companies are correct, a total of over 350 new jobs could be added.

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