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FR 04372 Riga 06:45    
FR 00753 London-Stansted 06:45    
FR 04612 Malaga 07:00    
FR 05712 Faro 07:05    
FR 01234 Pisa 10:35    

* All departure- and arrival times are local times, subject to change.

New destinations: Naples, Ponta Delgada and Cluj-Napoca

For the first time it is possible to fly to the Azores and to Naples from Hahn Airport. Ryanair offers flights to Ponta Delgada, the capitel of the Azores, once a week, starting from 01.04.2017. Naples starts on 28.03.17 twice weekly.

As of now, Wizz Air offers twice a week flights to Cluj-Napoca which is the second largest city in Romania.

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