Security regulations

Security regulations

In order to ensure the security of air-traffic it is essential that check-point inspections are enforced as smoothly as possible and as professional as needed. The following information gives you an overview of the required security measures.

Since 6th November 2006 the following regulations for the taking of liquids in hand baggage are in effect for all EU-member countries.

Liquids such as, gels, pastes, lotions, liquid mixtures und solids such as the contents of pressurized containers, for example toothpaste, hair gel, beverages, soups, syrups, perfume, shaving cream, aerosols and other articles with a similar consistency in hand baggage will be limited to 100ml per container. These containers have to fit into a transparent, resealable, maximum 1 litre in volume plastic bag (see below) and must be shown at the security check-point. The plastic bag (i.e. a resealable freezer bag) has to be completely closed. If you do not have a plastic bag, you can buy one at the airport information desk (1,00 €).

Exceptions to these restrictions are possible if the liquid is needed during the flight for medical or special dietetic purposes. The same applies to baby food.

Furthermore, all liquids acquired/purchase after the passenger-checkpoints can be taken on board, provided the departure or transfer-airport is in the EU. Exceptions for liquids acquired/purchased on board EU-Airlines are allowed.

Please inform yourself at the information-signs at the airport about further details.

Check-In baggage/Accompanied baggage

Before your check-in baggage (accompanied baggage) can be loaded into the aircraft it must go through an aviation security check/examination. This happens after check-in.

In individual cases opening the baggage will take place. You will be notified by an aviation security assistant that will carry out opening the baggage in your presence.

Boarding-pass check

Please have your boarding pass ready when approaching the security check, this will be checked when entering.

Persons and hand baggage/carry-on security check

Your person and your carry-on baggage will be examined for forbidden objects. You place all your baggage on the X-Ray conveyor belt. Please put/place

  • Outerwear, such as coats and jackets
  • Laptop computer, separate from the respective bag
  • Small objects, such as coins, telephone, keys etc.

in the provided plastic tubs.

So that unnecessary delays at the security check can be avoided, we ask you to have the items ready before the check-point.

Pass through the “walk-through-detector” only after indication from the aviation-security assistant. If the alarm sounds another check with a handheld-detector is necessary. Following this, you can take your baggage again. Another check of any piece of your baggage can be necessary where applicable. Please open your baggage so the aviation-security assistant can conduct the security check. In individual cases a further security-check for objects can be conducted in a separate area.

Limitation for carry-on/hand baggage

Please note the max. sizes and weights for the hand baggage (information you can find in the terms and trades of your airline). The measurements include the handle, bands and belts, pockets, wheels and other protruding parts, to include the somewhat protruding parts of the baggage content itself.

Please note that sharp objects such as pocket knives, scissors, tools, etc. may not be carried in your carry-on luggage. This applies to fishing poles, laces and clampes as well. Such articles must therefore be packed in your check-in luggage.

Tip: Gas canisters, combustible liquids, spirit burners, Zippo- and other gaslighters, etc. may not be carried.

For your own safety and for the safety of others: Never leave your luggage in the airport area without personal supervision (violations can result in legal consequences).