Cargo and Passage

Cargo and Passage

Hub in the middle of the "Blue Banana"

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is one of only a few international airports in Germany with unrestricted 24-hour operations. This offers opportunities for growth, especially in the cargo business: Hahn has already been one of the most important freight hubs worldwide for years. It is located in the middle of one of the most important economic areas of Europe: the so-called "Blue Banana", which extends across Europe from Marseilles via Switzerland, western Germany and Benelux to London.

With a 3,800 meter runway, a CAT IIIA all-weather instrument landing system and its freight-oriented infrastructure as well as short loading times, the airport meets important requirements necessary for all types of cargo aircraft. Important authorities like customs, fueling and veterinary & plant inspection are on site and available 24 hours per day as well.

Efficient and cost-conscious – in all areas

With the establishment of the Irish company Ryanair in April 1999, Frankfurt-Hahn implemented the efficient business model of low-cost airlines at the airport level. In a nutshell, this model embodies: Efficiency and cost minimisation in all areas. In more detail, it means: Efficient operations processes and thus fast check-in, short routes, quick turnaround times, high punctuality rates and a high slot availability.

We will give you a step by step overview of our service portfolio and advantages. Because we would like to convince you, that Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is your best practice cargo and Passage airport. Check it out !!