Hahn Airport is well prepared for the summer holidays

Hahn Airport is well prepared for the summer holidays

It's almost time: on July 15, the summer vacations begin in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, and Saarland. Travelers from TRIWO Hahn Airport will again have numerous flights to choose from. Every week, more than 126 aircraft will take off for 42 warm-water and city destinations. Just in time for the start of the holiday season, the airport is well prepared and offers all holidaymakers and frequent flyers a relaxed start to the best time of the year.

In total, TRIWO Hahn Airport expects more than 150,000 passengers during the three summer months. With a catchment area of around 200 kilometers around the airport, it is the ideal hub for flights to the Mediterranean, mainland Europe or North Africa.

Ryanair flies to a total of 33 attractive destinations from Hahn Airport. The popular holiday island of Mallorca is served ten times a week. Six destinations on the Spanish mainland, including Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia, as well as the island of Ibiza, are on the Irish airline's flight schedule several times a week. Ryanair also connects Hahn Airport with ten destinations in Italy, including the Eternal City of Rome and destinations in Sardinia, and Sicily. Travelers can also look forward to flights to Portugal, Greece, Croatia, and Morocco. London, Dublin, Budapest, and Vilnius are other attractive city destinations.

Other airlines also offer a variety of flights at Hahn Airport during the summer season. Wizz Air is flying to Sofia (Bulgaria), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Tirana (Albania), Kutaisi (Georgia) and Skopje (North Macedonia). Starting August 2, the airline will be taking off again from Hahn to Varna (Bulgaria), and Air Arabia will be flying twice a week non-stop to Nador in Morocco for beach vacations. Flyone also connects the Hunsrück airport with the capital of Moldova, Chișinău, Air Serbia with Niš in Serbia, and Trade Air with the Kosovan capital Pristina.

"Throughout the summer, travelers at TRIWO Hahn Airport will benefit from a wide range of flights and destinations. Together with our partners, we are doing everything to ensure that our passengers have a relaxed and comfortable start to their vacation," says Rüdiger Franke, Managing Director of TRIWO Hahn Airport. "We would like to thank our passengers for contributing to a smooth and stress-free start to their vacation by arriving early and preparing carefully at the security checkpoint."

Airlines at Hahn Airport recommend that all passengers arrive at the airport two to three hours prior to their scheduled departure. This leaves enough time for check-in, if not already done online, the security check and baggage drop-off. Travelers should also check the validity of their identification documents in advance and have them available at the airport. To reduce waiting time at security check, liquids and creams have to be packed in a clear 1-liter bag, with no more than 100 ml per container. These items and technical equipment have to be placed separately on the conveyor belt at the security checkpoint.

In order to make the journey to the airport as smooth as possible, Hahn Airport offers its passengers the opportunity to book their parking space online at https://www.hahn-airport.de/en/passengers-visitiors/parking This saves time and ensures a relaxed start to your vacation.

Image caption: Passengers at TRIWO Hahn Airport.
Image source: TRIWO Hahn Airport

About TRIWO Hahn Airport
From an American military airfield to an international commercial airport with 24-hour operations: since its
civilian opening in 1993, Hahn Airport has developed into an important aviation location for passengers and
freight. In 2023, TRIWO Hahn Airport counted 1.7 million passengers – an increase of 21 percent compared to
2022. TRIWO AG has been the owner of the airport company TRIWO Hahn Airport GmbH since May 2023.

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