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From the American military airfield to the international commercial airport: Since its civil operation in 1993, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has developed into an important aviation location. The business model is based on the two strong pillars of passenger and air freight. Frankfurt-Hahn is the tenth largest German passenger airport: Around 1.5 million passengers used the international airport in Rhineland-Palatinate in 2019. In the cargo business, more than 170,000 tons of freight were handled in 2019.

The state of Rhineland-Palatinate has successfully used the opportunities that have arisen since 1990 through the opening of several military airfields as part of the conversion program and will continue to use them. A high point of this development was April 22, 1999: At that time a passenger plane of the Irish airline Ryanair landed for the first time at a place in Rhineland-Palatinate that hardly anyone knew until then. In fact, with this historic date, a new era of air travel was ushered in for the whole of Germany: that of low-cost flying. Today, Frankfurt-Hahn is synonymous with the first and most consistently managed low-cost airport in Germany.

About us

Efficient and cost-conscious - in all areas

With the establishment of Irish Ryanair in April 1999, Frankfurt-Hahn implemented the efficient business model of the low-cost airline at the airport level. In a nutshell, this means: efficiency and minimizing costs in all areas. In detail it means: efficient operational processes and thus fast check-in, short distances, fast turnaround times and high punctuality rate. In addition to Ryanair, other airlines and charter airlines have settled here. Over 30 attractive holiday destinations are now served from Hahn.

Turnstile in the middle of the "blue banana"

At the same time, Frankfurt-Hahn is one of the few international airports in Germany with an unrestricted 24-hour operating permit. This offers growth opportunities, especially for the freight business: Hahn has been one of the most important freight bases worldwide for years. More than 90 percent of the cargo volume in Germany is handled via just five airports. One of them is Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. It is located in the middle of one of the most important economic areas in Europe: the area of ​​the so-called “Blue Banana”, which stretches across Europe from Marseille via Switzerland, West Germany and Benelux to London. Among other things, "the Hahn" has been awarded the "Air Cargo Award of Excellence" seven times since 2006. The quality of the handling was primarily assessed.

Airport location with many plus points

In addition to the night flight permit and the convenient location, the Hunsrück Airport scores with further advantages in the international aviation industry: A 3,800 meter long runway, an instrument landing system that enables safe flight operations even in bad weather, as well as good ones Road connections to the surrounding economic and population centers speak in favor of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Around 5.5 million people live within a radius of 100 kilometers and can comfortably reach the airport in 90 minutes.

Powerful job engine for Rhineland-Palatinate

Since August 2017, the HNA Airport Group GmbH has been the majority shareholder with 82.5 shares in Flughafengesellschaft Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH. The state of Hesse holds 17.5 percent. The location is seen as a job engine: More than 2,000 people are directly employed at the location.

Corporate structure

Together for the future

Since August 2017, the company HNA Airport Group GmbH has been a majority shareholder in Flughafengesellschaft Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH. The HNA Airport Group GmbH holds 82.5 percent of the shares, the state of Hesse 17.5 percent.

Managing directors

Hexin Wang

Managing Director

Advertising space

We offer you a wide range of advertising options - from banners under the hall ceiling to mobile promotions and exhibition cabinets to large-format advertising spaces in the outside areas of the airport.

Our service goes far beyond extensive advice on the selection of your advertising space. We install your advertising, we clean and check regularly and we also pay the energy costs for you.

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Ms. Kerstin Hübinger
Tel .: 0 65 43/50 92 80
Fax: 0 65 43/50 92 04

Internet marketing

Travelers from all over the world meet today at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport and on our website. This is proven by around 161,000 visitors and 650,000 page impressions per month.

Reach Hahn Airport users from all population groups. Ideal for addressing a wide range of target groups in all matters relating to the topic of "travel".

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Kerstin Hübinger
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Airport-specific specialist training

Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH offers various training courses on site. In cooperation with the IHK Koblenz, these airport-specific courses lead to recognized qualifications for the job market.

The following training courses are offered:

- Basic training for staff in charge service
- FAP (airport workers)
- loadmaster
- cockpit and ground communications
- aircraft tractor leader
- Industrial drivers
- education at all devices belonging to the aircraft handling (GSE)
- Examined Aircraft IHK
- airport specific technical English
- driver education / apron driver license
- team leader IHK ( in cooperation with the IHK-ManagementZentrum Mittelrhein)

You can get detailed information about the training
offer from our training coordinator Mr. Frank Köth: Tel.-Nr .: 06543-509310

Email to Frank Koeth

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