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Press article fom  15.02.2001

Hahn in Motion returns in August 2001

A special kind of flight adventure – A look behind and in front of the scenes at Hahn Airport (Hunsrück) – Organised again by the JASPO Agency – Last year’s 55,000 visitors to be surpassed

Frankfurt, 15 February 2001: In the summer, Hahn Airport will for the fourth time be the showplace, the backdrop and, not least, a participant in the flight experience Hahn in Motion. Plans for the summer have already started. On Saturday 18 August 2001 and Sunday 19 August 2001 full-day flight programmes will once again entice people to the Hunsrück. Hahn in Motion numbers amongst the largest air shows in Germany, which at the same time allows a glimpse behind the scenes of life and work at the airport.

The venue is Hahn Airport, until 1993 one of the largest US airforce bases in Europe and since then a rapidly expanding civil airport. Hence, about 380,000 passengers were counted in the year 2000 and over 75,000 tonnes of pure airfreight were transhipped.

In spite of the cold, wet weather, last year around 55,000 visitors to Hahn in Motion enjoyed attractions in the air and on the ground and, at least in part, were able to experience the “fascination of flying” at close quarters. The organiser, JASPO GmbH – Agency for Adventures in Communication, is striving to increase the number of visitors to at least 70,000 for 2001. In consideration of this, the planned admission prices start at 15 Marks for children and extend via 25 Marks for an adult ticket up 60 Marks for a family day ticket.

From the beginning of March you can witness the growth of the colourful mixture of flight, ground and show programmes on the show’s own homepage www.hahn-in-motion.de, which is updated daily.

The flight experience “Hahn in Motion 2001” is organised by JASPO GmbH – Agency for Adventures in Communication, based at Hahn Airport (Hunsrück). It numbers amongst the largest open airport shows in Germany and will take place on 18/19 August 2001 at Hahn International Airport for the fourth time. The site of the former largest US airforce base in Europe lies within the triangle formed by the cities of Frankfurt/Cologne/Luxembourg, only 25 minutes drive from the Rheinböllen exit of the A61 Koblenz-Mainz motorway.

The events agency JASPO was founded in 1994 and has been active for many years as a contractual partner to Flughafen Hahn GmbH in event management amongst other things. Today, the company employs 15 permanent staff and numerous project-related freelancers. “Anything is possible and much more besides …” – with this motto JASPO is the creator of individual event concepts of all kinds up to the complete implementation and organisation of indoor and outdoor events for all areas such as incentives, B-to-B conventions as well as live communication and adventures in communication.

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