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Press article fom  13.11.2003

Almost 500,000 bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau to Japan

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 13th November 2003. This week, the cargo halls of ACL Advanced Cargo Logistic and the aprons of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport are garnet red as never before. For almost half a million bottles of the young Beaujolais that is so sought after at this time of year are taking off for Japan. Three Antonov 124 and four DC-10 cargo machines will be deployed for this purpose. These transport flights have been carried out for many years by Aeroflot in co-operation with Nippon Express and now for the first time by Kintetsu World Express.

A special event for millions of wine-lovers is beginning again. This year, the deadline is the 20th of November 2003. The young Beaujolais - Beaujolais Nouveau - will be uncorked for the first time at midnight and will be available in the trade for just a few weeks. The arrival of the lively and fruity red wine is celebrated throughout the world on this day. The Japanese, in par-ticular, are well known for their "weakness" for wine. Last year, the inhabi-tants of the "land of the rising sun" overtook the Germans in the tasting of Beaujolais Nouveau. About eight million bottles find their way onto the market in Japan; in Germany, there are about seven million. Around 58 million bottles are marketed worldwide.

Aeroflot, Russia's largest aviation company, and Nippon Express, the largest Japanese logistics service provider, have been supplying wine of the latest vintage to Japan from Frankfurt-Hahn for more than three years. In total, four DC-10 cargo aircraft, each loaded with 60 tonnes, making about 25,000 bottles of Beaujolais, are flown to Tokyo/Japan and from there the bottles are distributed to the customers by Nippon Express. Kintetsu World Express GmbH, a leading Japanese logistics undertaking with branches throughout the world, is also organising Beaujolais transports from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Japan for the first time in conjunction with the logistics service provider Kühne & Nagel. The Kintetsu World Express flights previously took off from Paris Airport. The reason for the change, according to German representative Makoto Masui, is due to the increasing demand by the Japanese for the young Beaujolais and, above all, the enormous handling capacity of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport as well as its 24-hour operation. About 125,000 bottles are loaded into each of the three Antonov 124s, which hold around 120 tonnes.

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