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Press article fom  30.09.2003

Request for plan approval submitted

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, September 2003. On September 4, 2003, the airport management company Flughafen Frankfurt Hahn GmbH submitted to the responsible authorities, the Air Traffic Department of the Rheinland-Palatinate’s Office for Roads and Transportation, a request for approval of the plan to extend the runway to 3,800 meters. This is a further important milestone in expanding the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. The owners emphasized their plans to expand.

The request documents contain around 2,000 pages of text, 100 plans, and 20 expert evaluations in 13 files. These support the requested project in detail. Besides the technical planning, the topics of environmental compatibility, noise impact, and obstacle clearance are important core areas of the submitted documents.

The documents will be publicly displayed in the affected communities in the next few weeks, and those responsible for public concerns as well as affected private parties will have the opportunity to raise their objections. The airport management company expects the subsequent detailed public discussion specified in the procedure to take place toward year end.

An extension of the runway is necessary so that long-distance flights can be carried out from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. This is of special importance for freight traffic.

The plan approval process is the second step in the permit process for the runway extension. In the preceding civil planning process, completed in February of this year, the project was approved.

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