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Press article fom  24.09.2003

Aeroflot Cargo Extends its Services from Frankfurt-Hahn

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 24. September 2003 – Aeroflot, Russia’s largest airline, announced on 24 September 2003 a further significant stage in the development of Frankfurt-Hahn airport. With the 2003 winter timetable, there will be added to Aeroflot’s two DC-10 freighters, already stationed at the airport since October 2002, two further modern cargo planes of the same type. Besides the increase in the frequency of flights and the size of the volume, new routes towards Asia are planned.

Aeroflot, Russia’s largest and most important airline, is extending its range of services from Frankfurt-Hahn airport, the fourth largest freight airport in Germany: With the start of the winter timetable for 2003 on 26 October, two more DC-10 cargo planes will be stationed here. Aeroflot Cargo will then have a total of four DC-10 freighters in the portfolio of its European hub at Frankfurt-Hahn. Igor Desiatnichenko, deputy general director of Aeroflot, was delighted that the planned expansion, which he had already announced in October 2002, was finally being realised. “We are very pleased to be expanding our cargo service from Hahn,“ said Desiatnichenko. “New to the winter timetable for 2003 are the destinations Shanghai and Osaka via Tokyo. In addition, we are increasing the frequency of our flights to Moscow from three a week to once a day and our flights to Peking from two to three times a week,“ Desiatnichenko commented on the promising new timetables. As to the reasons for the expansion, the ever-growing demand for freight goods from and to Asia was cited.

The freighter service to Shanghai will be provided twice a week and to Osaka in Japan via Tokyo once a week. Aeroflot has offered Tokyo as a destination since March 2002. It was then that Russia’s major airline relocated its European base from Luxembourg to Frankfurt-Hahn and began the freighter service to Tokyo with one DC-10 flying three times a week. Now there are four flights to Tokyo. These take in, besides Osaka/Japan, one flight a week to Novosibirsk, which began back in June 2002, and three weekly flights to Seoul. In addition, Aeroflot flies via Oslo, to transport the fresh and popular Norwegian salmon to Tokyo. This happens twice a week.

“We load our planes at Frankfurt-Hahn with a maximum 15 tonnes of general freight. The remaining freight of around 49 tonnes is loaded in Oslo. In this way we make full use of our planes’ capacity and keep our customers happy into the bargain,“ Oleg Korolev, the new regional cargo manager for Europe, says of the planned Oslo flights. Frankfurt-Hahn airport, in his opinion, is an ideal base for Aeroflot Cargo due to the 24-hour operating permit and the short distances from the apron to the highway and vice versa. He also values the quick and uncomplicated handling procedures guaranteed by the staff of Frankfurt-Hahn airport and the freight-handling company Advanced Cargo Logistic (ACL), which is based directly on the apron.

For Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, too, the expanded service provision of its eminent partner Aeroflot is of immense significance. “It is not just the increase in the frequencies of the existing routes but also the new routes flown by Aeroflot from our airport that will provide additional opportunities for us to position ourselves even more prominently in relation to the international competition,“ Jörg Schumacher, director of the airport’s operating company, believes.

Likewise, the recently submitted planning application to extend the runway from the current 3,400 metres to 3,800 metres will provide existing and prospective cargo customers, as well as the airport itself, with tremendous growth potential, Schumacher feels. “An extension of the runway is necessary so that, in particular, long-haul flights from Frankfurt-Hahn airport can be undertaken even more profitably by freight airlines.” In Schumacher’s view, cargo is, after passenger transport, the second most important linchpin of the airport.

About Aeroflot
For more than three years now, since April 2000, Aeroflot has been operating cargo services from Frankfurt-Hahn airport. In March 2002 the airline established a regional freight agency here for the countries of Europe. Besides reserving cargo and passenger flights, delivering imported cargo to various European cities and organising freight charter flights, Aeroflot chiefly provides for the transport of general, perishable and hazardous goods to the Far East, Middle East, Russia and the CIS. In March 2002, Aeroflot replaced the Ilyushin Il-76 with the modern DC-10, which can carry 64 tonnes over the middle distance and 49 tonnes on long-distance routes. Aeroflot provided three flights weekly: a flight from Frankfurt-Hahn via Moscow to Tokyo and two flights from Frankfurt-Hahn via Oslo and Novosibirsk to Tokyo. Once equipped with its second DC-10 in August 2002, Aeroflot began to operate two flights a week to Beijing and two flights to Tokyo. In this year alone, by the end of July 2003, Aeroflot had turned round more than three thousand tonnes of export freight in Frankfurt-Hahn and over five thousand tonnes of import freight from places such as Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. The freight is handled in the state-of-the-art cargo terminal of ACL Advanced Cargo Logistic GmbH directly on the new cargo apron of the up-and-coming airport.

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