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Press article fom  14.02.2003

Ryanair Hub Creates Jobs

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, 14 February 2003. The airline Ryanair is today celebrating the first anniversary of its base at Frankfurt-Hahn. “The creation of the Ryanair hub has turned out to be a complete success both for Ryanair and for the airport at Frankfurt-Hahn,“ declares Jörg Schumacher, director of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH. “The passenger volume has more than tripled this last year as a result.“

The high passenger figures have had a far-reaching impact. The existing terminal was extended just last year to twice its size at a cost of six million euro. Currently, a former freight hall is being converted for five million euro into a second passenger terminal. The conversion work is due to be completed by the end of April. This will allow up to five million passengers a year to be handled by Frankfurt-Hahn.

The most significant effect, however, is the creation of new jobs. A total of 330 jobs have come about directly as a result of the Ryanair hub. 230 of these are directly connected with flight operations: passenger and baggage clearance, check-in, onboard catering, rescue service, information desks and Ryanair per-sonnel. A further 100 jobs are in the area of terminal services for car hire, airport catering and retailing. “In addition, we assume there to be a knock-on effect on employment in the region in the ratio of 1:2. That means that some 660 jobs will have been created in the area around the airport due to the Ryanair involvement,“ Andreas Helfer, director of Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH, explains.

This development offers the region - especially the Hunsrück, Moselle, Nahe, Rhine and Rhine-Hesse districts - opportunities never experienced before, in particular where incoming tourism is concerned. In 2003, around 1.3 million passengers will land at Frankfurt-Hahn with Ryanair. According to airport esti-mates, approx. 40 percent will be tourist traffic, which means some 500,000 potential visitors to the region. At peak periods, the hotels within a radius of 40 kilometres around Hahn are already booked up. “Current tendencies in the travel market, like the decline in package tour holidays in favour of individual touring with low-cost airlines, accompanied by a simultaneous decline in long-distance tourism, will continue to strengthen the tourist trade in the region,“ is Jörg Schumacher’s firm conviction.

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