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Press article fom  09.03.2004

Hahn meeting in March stresses airport role in supply chain,

Frankfurt-Hahn,9. March 2004 – Meeting in Hahn-Frankfurt Airport on 2nd and 3rd March 2004, the ACI World Air Cargo Subcommittee resolved to urge governments to proceed with a full liberalization of the air cargo market. Chairman Stephan Poirier of Calgary Airport Authority called the current regulatory regime for air cargo “an outmoded relic in a real-time world”. He added: “Air cargo is an essential element of the global economy. Liberalizing cargo market access separately from passenger rights is the first step toward a seamless global supply chain, in which airports play a crucial role.” Under his leadership, the Subcommittee would continue to press ICAO and national regulators to liberalize air cargo soonest, targeting specific regions with specific policy proposals.

Air cargo security was also high on the Sub-committee’s agenda. Norman Shanks, Member and Past Chair of the ACI World Aviation Security Standing Committee, briefed the participants on new challenges and new threats in air cargo security, emphasizing that air cargo will remain a growth sector, and 100% cargo screening was merely a question of time.

Mr Shanks said: “The industry should implement the regulated agent regime, and back it up by advanced screening and detection technology.” The Sub-committee’s proposed security action plan will be presented to the ACI World Security Committee, which meets in Miami on March 9-10, 2004.

Subcommittee member Maria Muller, Marketing and Sales Director of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, one of the leading low-cost airports in Germany, which hosted the meeting said: “Frankfurt-Hahn is a prime example of cargo growth in Germany. Our airport is the fourth largest freight airport in Germany and holds position 96 worldwide. While other major German airports report a decline in their cargo sector, things are looking up here at Frankfurt-Hahn. Total air freight in 2003 was up 15 percent on 2002, it will keep growing. The prognosis for the overall volume of freight to be handled this year at Frankfurt-Hahn is about 180,000 tonnes including road feeder service. And last but not least our passenger numbers in 2003 were up 67 percent and movements up 21 percent.”

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