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Press article fom  30.04.2004

Aeroflot four years at Hahn

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport GmbH, 30th April 2004. Since April 2000 at Hahn – almost 44,000 tons handled - a record year in 2003 with 17,000 tons – Frankfurt-Hahn Airport named European Hub for freightline services in March 2002– four DC10 freight aircraft currently based at Hahn

Exactly four years ago on the 1st of April 2000, Aeroflot Cargo, Russia's largest and most prominent airline company, started flying freight charters from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. The first cargoes at that time included electricals and car spare parts. Approximately 5,700 tons was handled in 2000. Nowadays, roughly three times that volume is handled annually. Since Aeroflot has been at Hahn, the company has handled about 44,000 tons. The record year for Aeroflot was 2003 with over 17,000 tons.

“Hahn has established itself as our most important gateway to Russia. The statistics prove this: in 2004 we expect still more growth. We moved over 4,500 tons in January and February of this year alone - and we expect to have handled around 27.000 tons by year’s end", said Oleg Korolev, Regional Cargo Manager for Europe. Mr Korolev is based in Frankfurt-Hahn, where Aeroflot Cargo has its German registered offices. "Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is the ideal freight base for us, thanks to its 24-hour operating licence and central location", he explained.

In March 2002, Aeroflot transferred its European operations base to Hahn from Luxemburg and replaced the Ilyushin Il76 freight aircraft with the more modern DC10, which can carry 64 tons on middle-distance routes and 49 tons on long-distance flights. Aeroflot operated three flights a week at that time: one flight from Hahn via Moscow to Tokyo and two flights from Hahn via Oslo and Novosibirsk to Tokyo. After taking delivery of the second DC10 in August of 2002, Aeroflot started with two flights a week to Beijing and two flights to Tokyo.

With the commencement of the 2003 winter flight schedule on the 26th of October, the company based two more DC10 freight aircraft at Hahn. Aeroflot now has four DC10 freight aircraft in the portfolio of its European Hub in Frankfurt-Hahn. In October of 2003, Shanghai was added with two flights a week to the company's scheduled destinations. The Moscow flights (3 per week) were increased to a daily service.

Aeroflot transports perishable and general goods and hazardous materials to Far and Middle Eastern countries, to Russia and to the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). The company handles the reservation of cargo and passenger flights, the delivery of import cargo to various Euro-pean cities and the organisation of freight charter flights. Freight carried includes technological equipment like computers, flat screen monitors and mobile telephones - but the company also ships live animals like polar bears, tigers and lamas. Aeroflot also flies relief goods for children's homes in Novosibirsk.

This date also has happy associations for the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport GmbH. "We especially have to thank Aeroflot for our success in the Freight Sector. With a strong partner like Aeroflot, we can further improve on our position in international competition", said Jörg Schumacher, Joint Managing Director. "Many airports are showing downturns in their freight statistics for the beginning of this year. We are the only German airport to exhibit very strong growth for the first quarter - 127% growth for airfreight alone (14,725 tons against 6,488 in 2003). This proves to us that we can bank on our cargo partners", said Andreas Helfer, Joint Managing Director of the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport GmbH.

In the cargo ratings list, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is holding steady in Germany at number 4, while on the worldwide list, the company currently calls the number 96 slot its own. The cargo forecast for 2004 is 180,000 tons. Other cargo airlines at Hahn include Air France Cargo, Royal Jordanian, Iran Air, Egypt Air and MNG Airlines.

Further information is available at www.aeroflot.com or www.hahn-airport.de.

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