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Press article fom  05.04.2004

Jobs for the region

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport GmbH, 5th April 2004. The Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has become the jobs engine for the Hunsrück region. The way the Rhineland-Palatinate State government and the Fraport AG have gone about the task of taking the erstwhile American Air Force base at Hahn and turning it into a flourishing business location, creating jobs in what was a region otherwise lacking in infrastructure, has proven to be extremely successful. While jobs are being lost elsewhere, there are a steadily increasing number of jobs being created at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. This is shown by surveys run by the A & O Institute (Job Market and Organisational Consulting Gettmann). These surveys have been carried out regularly since 1998.

Altogether 2,266 employees in 107 companies were counted on site in a company poll in February 2004 - that's around 16% more than in February of last year and more than double the number in 1999. 1649 of these, i.e., 73%, are employed on a full-time basis. 14% have part-time employment and 12% have minimal employment. The number of apprentices and trainees is 37, while the proportion of female employees is roughly 40%.

The occupations and (as a result) the demands are extremely diverse. One of the largest occupational groups in the core area of the airport is that of the freight and baggage handlers, followed by security personnel, flight attendants and check-in staff. The strong rate of growth in the Passage is creating new services and occupations all around the airport, especially in commerce, catering and car rental. Irrespective of flight operations, compa-nies have operation centres here that offer interesting and skilled jobs as call centre agents, IT professionals or forwarding merchants, to mention but a few. The prevailing mood of the companies at the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is positive. More jobs are in the pipeline, as is the expansion of job training schemes on offer. By the end of 2004, the survey estimates that there will be a total of 2,500 jobs on site.

For staff recruitment, the companies can call on a broad and qualified workforce potential. The Job Centre in Hahn offers definite procurement of qualified manpower, an advisory service for the selection of personnel and workplace design. Thanks to being close to the companies, their needs can be catered to and the qualification of manpower can be planned in advance.

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