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Press article fom  11.07.2013

Animal transport via Airport Frankfurt-Hahn

A cargo aircraft of Silkway Airlines departed the airport Hahn with 15 specially bred polo horses to Azerbaijan last night. The horses are going to take part in the first Arena Polo World Cup in the Middle East. The transport of the horses is a logistical masterpiece for all involved parties.

On Sunday, the animals were flown from Argentina to Germany to spend a night in the animal care facility of Frankfurt airport. In the afternoon, they were taken to the airport Hahn in the Hunsrück. Here they were in special horse boxes, which were delivered in advance by a Dutch company. Three horses fit into each of the five boxes, which are padded and lined with chipped wood. The horses have been brought back into the plane under special supervision in the late evening and departed towards Azerbaijan at 10:00 p.m.. The horses are accompanied and looked after by five professionals – including a veterinarian and a polo player - during the whole flight. Next weekend, 10 more animals are supposed to be brought from Argentina to Azerbaijan via Hahn.

According to the company Intership from Leverkusen, there were more than 100 persons involved in the transport. Starting from the vet in Argentina, the transport companies and boxes manufacturers, to the authorities in Germany, the Animal Lounge in Frankfurt, veterinarians and many more other parties. The company, which specializes in horse transports had coordinated the entire organization. RTL will show a half-hour report about the journey of the 25 polo horses on July 29th at 11:30 p.m.

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