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Press article fom  31.08.2012

Management board assesses legal measures against Supervisory Board Member

In responds to the most recent media coverage, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport finds itself forced to take action in order to protect likewise the company, customers and employees. The public statements by one Supervisory Board Member speculating on an imminent insolvency caused serious damage to the company. The Management Board of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport herewith clarifies:

„The statements by a single Supervisory Board Member are completely unfounded. There is no scenario, where our equity even in medium-term could be used up. We have done our homework. Since three years now our operative result is positive.”, Wolfgang Pollety, Managing Director, makes clear right at the beginning.

„Due to the statements made by this single Supervisory Board Member, uncertainty spread amongst our customers and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport itself as location is being questioned. In result, damage has already been caused.”, Jörg Schumacher, Spokesmen of the Manage-ment Board, adds displeased. As direct consequence, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport assesses legal measures by its lawyers. Further we will review compensation claims and if possible also assert them”, announces Jörg Schumacher as further consequence.

The Chairman of the Employee Representation, Thomas Dillmann, goes one step further by demanding the immediate resigning of Jochen Riebel from the Supervisory Board. “This is damaging the reputation and threatening existences. This is unacceptable. Mr. Riebel derogates the company and has to go.“

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