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Press article fom  20.07.2011

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has the best cargo figures ever

The cargo business at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is positively booming; 112,975 metric tons of cargo have been shifted in the first half of this year alone. "This is a new record", says Jörg Schumacher, Management Director (Spokesman) of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. "Compared to last year we have improved by 69% in this segment. This is helping us to compensate for the drop in the number of passengers." At Frankfurt-Hahn the effects of Ryanair reducing its number of routes as a result of the aviation tax have made themselves felt in the decrease in passenger traffic. In the first six months of 2011 1,395,956 passengers used the airport in Rhineland-Palatinate – 13 percent less than in the previous year.

Including transit and the road feeder service, the full cargo volume for January to June 2011 ran to 278,263 metric tons. With 19,060 tons of freight processed in June 2011 (own volume) Frankfurt-Hahn had the best result for this particular month in the entire history of the airport. This growth was generated by both existing airline customers and new clients. What's remarkable here is that the growth in export freight is well above average; this rose by 98%.

The current number of jobs at the airport (3,126) has slightly increased since February 2011 (3,075). This figure is slightly below the statistic for last year; however, the number of people in full employment at the Hunsrück airport has risen to 2,322 compared to June 2010, making this the second-best result since the airport was opened. At the same time the percentage of those in marginal employment (11.7 percent or 367 people) was last this low in 2006. As Jörg Schumacher explains, "Even more qualified jobs will be created as the amount of cargo handled here increases."

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