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Press article fom  15.11.2010

Highly efficient and prepared for the future

With the symbolic handover of a silver key to the operator of the fuel depot TGFH (Tanklager-Gesellschaft Frankfurt-Hahn GbR), airport Management Director Joerg Schumacher now officially opened the airport's recently extended depot. Many guests attended the ceremony in a marquee specially erected for the occasion.

The positive development in the amount of air traffic using Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has made it necessary to increase the size of its depot for aviation fuel. In an area measuring 2.3 hectares or ca. 5½ acres the holding capacity of the fuel tanks has now been increased from 1,500 m3 (1,960 cubic yards) to 2,100 m3 (2,750 cubic yards) for the storage and handling of jet fuel JET A-1. The number of transfer points has been raised by a third. Traffic has also been redirected to suit the new situation so that it now only flows in one direction. "We are pleased that after two years of planning and building we can now put the new tanks and the third fuel transfer point into operation in order to meet the ever growing demand of our customers," says Jens Nebel, Operating Manager of TGFH.

The new concept also enables simultaneous delivery by fuel tankers, deposit of fuel in the depot, storage in six fuel groups and the transfer of fuel to or filling of vehicles for aircraft fuelling. The depot complies with the latest general safety and fire safety standards. "We now have the use of a highly efficient complex with our extended depot and are well prepared for future growth," claims Joerg Schumacher. Planning of the extension began in June 2009. The two new tanks, each holding 300 m3 or ca. 390 cubic yards, were delivered in November 2009, installed and finally commissioned on 28th August 2010. The project, which had an investment volume of 2.9 million euros, has now been completed.

The fuel depot is operated by TGFH, a joint enterprise run by BP Europe and Shell Germany. The fuel depot company was founded on 1st July 2007, its fuel supplied by oil companies BP, Q8, Shell and Total.

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